They are calling credit conditions a slow burn from world S&P global perspective. China for instance has always been tight, their people are known to save 30% of their incomes. The bankers latest or current, they say credit is softening, this kind of defines their look.

You can see the graph here in the report. I won't go into it, this is a pretty short read. Something rarely discussed is maybe that so many women are in the workforce and they drive 70-80% of consumer spending. The guys I know who work and have women (drama), they will complain about financing their women and daughters lifestyle, (yes men still shoulder the lions share burden of this lifestyle), while the guys I know who don't have to work anymore because she makes 3 figures don't complain, but they whine. I tend to favor soft landing, and maybe 4th quarter 2022 was a mini-recession of sorts, maybe a possible repeat of that this year? Life is pretty good, Real Estate really shot up but it's hard to tap that equity right now, I'm less partisan with age it seems, but predict this is lining right up with the dem plan, loosen the interest rates right before next POTUS. Rising interest rates seem to coincide with debt flushes (recessions), or so I thought. Just my 2 cents is all.