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Thread: Anyone know about recyling non deposit plastics?

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    Default Anyone know about recyling non deposit plastics?

    Here in California it seems most yards are willing to take some non CRV like milk jugs, but anything else seems off limits. For example I have a large event sign that is marked #2 HDPE but no one will even take it from me. It weighs about 20 lbs. I am thinking maybe just cutting it to pieces and stuffing the beverage bottles with it although probably too much work. My laundry jugs are also not accepted, sticker shock for food prices have me scraping the barrel.

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    Recycling is really bad here in central Illinois. 20 miles for the nearest scrap yard and they won't take any paper, plastic or glass. There was a push for trash burning to electricity generation and I think there's one in western Indiana but Illinois won't do anything like that now.
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    We have a county-run recycling program where I live. The will take any plastics that are #1 or #2. I hate throwing the #5 -marked stuff in the trash, but they claim there is no market for it. They also take boxes, paper, tin cans, glass and other metals like aluminum (they ain't getting mine, though). It's not curb-side . . . you have to take it to the recycling center, and I don't know if the operation is profitable, but it feels better than throwing all that stuff in the landfill.
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    If reducing carbon in the environment is the goal then burying plastic in the landfill is the best solution.
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    It amazes me how much recycle centers do not take, anything marked 1-7 is refused. Really all non deposit is taboo, total joke considering all the green voodoo that is going around. Last I checked they also stopped taking paper at my local yard, although they never did pay for it!
    Newsome passed a law last summer doubling the price (i think) of deposit to help with covid or something. When I ask at the counter for the CRV bonus, they look stupid like they never heard of it, finally offered an extra .25 per lb or something ( not even close to full value) I just said fine whatever. Thinking these places doubled up on their CRV value last summer by the hundreds of tons, nice little scam there eh. Thanks Newsome. Don't even get me started on leaf blowers being the heaviest polluters.
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    They are all a lying bunch of ashholes. It turned out they were just combining the crap we sorted for them into a big pile and shipping it to China to be dumped into the sea. I don't give a crap anymore and make sure I put stuff in to snag and bind their equipment hoping they will just say to throw it all into the same bin.
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