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Thread: Got copper?

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    EU's Top Copper Produce Warns Of Massive Theft, Shares Plunge

    Shares of Europe's top copper producer in Frankfurt trading plummeted following an announcement that it might have fallen victim to a massive theft, potentially leading to losses of several hundred million euros --adding to the series of turbulence to rock the global metals sector in recent years.

    Bloomberg reported that Hamburg-based Aurubis 'found discrepancies' in its metal inventories. It said suppliers had manipulated details about the scrap metal shipments, with even its employees in the sampling department covering up the scam.

    "What we currently know is that some of our recycling suppliers appear to have manipulated details about the raw materials they deliver to us, and they have been working with employees in our sampling department to hide the shortfall from us," Angela Seidler, vice president for investor relations and corporate communications, told Bloomberg by phone.

    Seidler continued, "Then, in the production process, we have found that the metal is missing, but it is something we have discovered over time because in the case of copper, for example, it takes four weeks for the material to be processed."
    What's the Frequency, Kenneth?


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    Sounds great, copper is below 4$ now. Does not help the predictions in this article. I don't see green gaining much traction beyond elites willing to pay.
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    tI guess the used ukrainian and promised ussianwarthropy shellcases had probably been sold upfront and were not gathered nor delivered in full JOT ?


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    Reminds me of the silver predictions and warnings we have all seen for years... Not saying it isn't true, just saying it looks like a dog and pony show that has been sent to dance in front of us for years.
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    Here is a 112 lb monster nugget for sale local pickup only...

    seller is stalwart
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    Panama Forcing First Quantum To Close Mega-Copper Mine Is A "Significant Event"

    Copper futures reached a ten-week high on Wednesday following the announcement by Panama's government to shut down a controversial $10 billion copper mine owned by First Quantum Minerals Ltd. The decision came after the Supreme Court of the Central American country declared the 20-year concession given to the Canadian mining operator was unconstitutional.

    "We have decided to unanimously declare unconstitutional the entire law 406 [granted mining concessions to First Quantum Minerals] of October 20, 2023," Supreme Court President Maria Eugenia Lopez said on Tuesday.

    Later that evening, President Laurentino Cortizo posted on social media platform X that the "transition process for the orderly and safe closure of the mine" had already begun. Production at Cobre mine has already been disrupted due to environmentalist protesters and labor unions.
    What's the Frequency, Kenneth?


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