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    I used to work at Susquehanna. The industrial / commercial load is so devastated - they built their own load.
    They just hated giving power away and decided to run servers.
    1.6 billion people have no access to electricity, whatsoever.
    2.4 billion people still burn wood and manure as their main source of energy.
    3.0 billion more people will be born in the next 30 years.

    Climate change isn't the killer - energy poverty is the killer.
    More, all the above, and everywhere answers all energy issues.

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    Looks like there's more to this bitcoin business than you understand.
    I know it's more than I understand.
    I do see that there's plenty of large corporations including here a corporation using it's nuclear reactor power to add incremently to it's bottom line mining bitcoin. The bitcoin mining part is important, you don't see this level of investment in mining any other crypto(maybe a little Etherium). It's also not a huge investment of unfathomable monies, the entire value of all the bitcoin in the world is less than one corporation(Apple, or Google, or Tesla) is valued at. It's more an investment in the technology of the blockchain, which uses bitcoin as it's money reward.
    This is not just losers in mom's basement buying bitcoin with unemployment or federal covid relief checks.
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