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Thread: Electric Cars

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    They still aren't viable for my needs, and I've read that most electric vehicle owners keep a fossil fuel car as a backup, especially for trips.

    In my opinion, mining for all these rare earth metals to meet demand (can they?) will raise environmentalists' ire. That and these aren't really environmentally "friendly" when you factor in all the variables.

    Tesla had a good run on huge subsidies (they are still getting some) and now the competition has caught up.
    Quote Originally Posted by yellowsnow View Post
    on tesla, what competition?
    tesla dropped prices
    competitors pooped their pants in silence
    yes, the competition is here, and it's from Tesla.

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    i calculated yesterday how many Kilometers i can drive with my gas car second hand 10k miles at 16 000 euros = 15000 usd before i a m even with a 20 kwh per 100 km elconsuming new tesla. Mind you i have been calculating my actual price of elexricity which is irrealistic low compared to what people nowadays pay ( fixed contractprice till october ). Even at that very low rate ( 5 cents el plus 10 cents grid per KWh which is uts here ) I can drive 500000 km which is over 300000 miles to break even In reality the mileage is much higher. Because the price of el and grid will rise and the gasprice probably stay level if not sinking ( tht the greens never will allow ).

    So all this eEV is Bulls... if you can get hold of a fine second hand gascar at a decent price.

    Golditiki2+++ .

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