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Thread: Best Way To Sell Silver Online...Been Gone A Few Years And My Old Reliables Are Gone

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    i rewmember when junk was advertised at .25 over spot! the good ole days...

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    i have a craigslist buyer wanting a $100 face bag of dimes for $2500 but I am very hesitant to sell it even at that price. I want to make certain I can replace it. I only paid 17 x face for it but it is getting much harder to find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldiebob View Post
    I used to buy and sell a lot with Bullion Direct (great online system at the time) and Tulving. Both disappeared but I luckily saw those failures coming and did not loose any of my money or Silver with them.
    I have sold to APMEX in the past. My local dealers are not that good. eBay used to be great but just costs too much (about 10% or so).
    So what is out there now for selling silver? It is a mix of old JM and Engelhard bars....lots of 1oz Maples and Eagles plus a smattering of newer 10oz and 1oz generics.

    Boy I miss Bullion Direct. Store and sell from your stored stack (not segregated). 24 hour online trading platform. Too bad. Is there anything else like it now? I see Bullion Universe, also in Austin, tried to get going with the same model but no luck.
    Is APMEX still good? I have never sold to is that? I am looking for someone to sell to where you do not sweat the entire time you are waiting for your money. I so wish that there was a local to trust and not treat me like
    a dummy selling an estate stack I don't know anything about. I do know my premiums and I am not greedy....I would take spot for bars and generics and some premium for the Maples and Eagles.

    And, if someone has a local in the Seattle area they trust, let me know.


    What do you want to sell? Seriously, post your stuff on the buy/sell board here. Someone will give you a fair price, for sure.

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