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Thread: How much pocket change do you have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaceman View Post
    "I brake dollars and never spend the change...Adds up quick" - AgGuy

    I'm the same way. After a while, run the change through the coin sorter at the bank and trade it in for currency to add to the stash. It does add up quickly.
    The last time I rolled the change I had enough to buy a 1 oz gold buffalo at a coin show.

    Ag guy
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    This life is the training of the soul for the life to come. (accept that we live in a fallen world)
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    "The last time I rolled the change I had enough to buy a 1 oz gold buffalo at a coin show." Ag Guy

    I've never cashed in that much change at once. Don't like it getting too much attention. But a lot of what I have cashed in has gone toward getting some shiney.

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    For "pocket change" - I prefer dollar coins (the copper ones). These are like the large cents old (both in value and composition). Smaller change, really of nuisance value, I keep to avoid getting more small change. I have a wallet with a coin pocket - these are hard to come buy now, as most people see coins in circulation as not worth using (again - due to their near worthless value).

    I pick up $25 rolls of dollar coins at the bank, and use in everyday transactions - also give me wife and kids if they take the bus. They are far more practical and clean then dollar bills, easy to use at parking meters, and keeps those dirty 1 fed notes from piling up. Only problem is, some people do not even recognize them.

    If we actually had other coins of real value, people would get use to them and use them. We can entirely replace the fed notes with coins if people in the treasury actually cared about promoting use of physical money. They do not, as they have evil masters and do not want to rock the boat, another program of control is in store for all of you.....

    That said, I typically have (4) dollar coins and perhaps 1 or 2 of other denomination in my pocket. They do not build up, as I use them to make exact payment when I can, I have no interest in hoarding low value pieces of metal.
    “Of all the contrivances for cheating the laboring class of mankind, none has been more effective than that which deludes them with paper money.”Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

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