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Thread: Chinese Coin Forum website disappeared...any guesses?

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    Default Chinese Coin Forum website disappeared...any guesses?

    The Chinese Coin Forum seems to have disappeared from it's web address; Google finds nothing as if it changed domains. Like it evaporated from the internet all together. Any back info or ideas. I find it interesting that this should occur simultaneously as official grey sheet values for rare dates (i.e. 90's to early 2000's) have EXPLODED.

    My LCS has 1995 1/2 oz factory plastic sealed Gold Panda selling price $17,500.

    Asking $4,700 for factory plastic sealed 2002

    My LCS is a member of the PNG and source of my original core Master Set so they aren't price gauging by any means. I see similar asking prices on certified at APMEX.

    Been busy (but now 4 months off) but March 2002 was my last issue of Peter Anthony's China Pricepedia...
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