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Thread: Premiums on silver are unacceptable. Starting to resemble fractional gold.

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    good lord! what is going on with pm's especially silver. we have been hearing how doom and gloom will drive prices up for so long now and many talking heads on t v and youtube, etc., keep promoting gold and silver and so thinking i am wise to buy at the lower premiums i can find it seems it triggers a daily drop. premiums on my last 2 larger purchases have doubled on that silver if you figure the spot price of 2 weeks ago to the spot price today.
    i will start a new thread for people to respond with their educated guesses of where it will actually go and when.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjmcwill View Post
    I found this site to be helpful in finding competitive pricing on bullion Most of the best silver deals are going to be for 100 ounce bars.
    One of my favorite online dealer's prices don't often show up on that list and they sometimes are lower than the lowest from the above site. Don't believe I can post a link to that dealer since Kitco might not like it and I don't feel like getting banned. They are in Maryland.
    Do your own due diligence

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