Recently, the World's largest crypto mining company Core Scientific had announced their trouble with some financial issue and lacking of cash flow, signaling a possibility of bankruptcy. After their announcement, their NASDAQ - COR price took a huge dip by 75% and many are panic dumping. According to their official statement, they are facing difficulties on many aspects. The current bear market is one of the biggest factor as BTC is getting hard to mine, meaning that it takes more time, money and effort to mine BTC. On the other hand, the margin for profits are too low due to the price of BTC. This factored with high utility bills and their lender failing to make payment, they are force to announce the possibility of bankruptcy as well. At the moment, they are predicting that their current funds will not be able to hold out until next year. They also have to pay out at least $53,000 per day just on utilities. With no remedy on their financial health, it is hard to say what will happen to their company in the near future. This issue is not only affecting them. Instead, a lot of crypto mining companies are facing similar cash flow issues especially with the low margin from crypto winter. Will other big mining companies fall into the same position as Core Scientific? Will the mining industry change entirely? What will happen if crypto winter persist?