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Thread: Has anyone played tamadoge?

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    Default Has anyone played tamadoge?

    Has anyone heard of Tamadoge? I read it in an article from mexc today talking about a doge game.

    It is something like a pet raising nft project. You can take care of your virtual dog, train it and level up. Then you take it to battle or sell it on their NFT marketplace for money. If you stop caring for it the tamadoge will turn into a tamaghost lol. Honestly, it sounds quit enticing to start playing. I was a fan of pokemon and this seems like a more advance/ real world pokemon, especially when you can sell it off. Not bad. Has anyone ever tried it or is currently playing? I would love to know some feedbacks on it.

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    Welcome to the Kitco forum (I hope you are not here just to promote tamadoge!) It's possible some Kitco members may want to know more about this. Unfortunately from what I can see, reports indicate this to be a thing to beware of.

    Warning, Tamadoge is a scam being promoted by influencers.

    Tamadoge Token: New Scam in the crypto industry?

    Is Tamadoge (TAMA) crypto a scam?
    (discussion with pro and anti arguments)

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    Default There were no promotional qualities on my post

    It is unfortunate that my question had turned into possible promotional tool.

    All I did was read an article about tamadoge and wanted to ask for public opinion on the game.

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    Hi, I've been dealing with cryptocurrency for a couple of years now, some altcoins I hold, some I trade on futures, and sometimes I participate in ICOs.

    But what I still don't really understand is NFT. The idea of P2E games is very interesting, but the implementation is horrible everywhere. As soon as a new P2E game comes out, a month or two passes and the project dies.

    I've played a lot of NFT games, and I'm not satisfied with any of them. The only thing I more or less played for a long time was Ni-no Kuni and Mir 4, but in general I don't want to play it after a couple of months.

    All I'm interested in P2E at the moment is art. Those who like digital art can check out nft art examples. There will be many cool projects in the future, with awesome art and gameplay, I'm keeping an eye on them for interest.

    In general, before trying a new NFT game I am very skeptical (and as practice shows - rightly so)

    And what do you think about P2E projects?

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    Well, my advice is to not gamble more than you can afford to lose. Doesn't sound like something I would be interested in doing.
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    I will be very surprised the day that you can actually sustain a value proposition for time spent playing a video game (aside from being a top player in a well funded esports league). The crypto space P2E efforts are designed to enrich the game makers and the occasional player - like slots in a casino. At least, that's my impression from what I've seen.
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