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Thread: Silver and gold market store

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    Default Silver and gold market store

    Why not have a market store for members to buy and sell silver and gold among themselves, where they set their own individual premiums and price. If you sell to the majors, you get spot, pawns pay lower than spot, this way we get the bargains.

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    There is one. Look for the Buy/Sell/ Trade thread.

    You'll have to go back to the main forum menu to find it, located close to the bottom. Click on the FORUM button near the top of this page to get there. your own Health Care System... grow your own and eat well

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    yes, maxp1, digbird is right but you will have to be a member for a little while before that function opens up to you. i have used it several times both buying and selling to other forum members. good luck. and, oh by the way..... welcome to the nut house. max.

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