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    Anyone know if minting of UK and commonwealth QE2 coins will stop as of now and new coins with Charles 3 will begin ASAP? Or will QE2 production continue for all of 2022? Something to think about of there's some low mintage 2022 coins floating around?

    From the UK Mint:

    "Thank you for visiting our website

    Following the incredibly sad news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, we are currently experiencing a particularly high volume of traffic to our website. Please bear with us as we manage this.

    Queen Elizabeth II ruled with heart and devotion, and will be dearly missed by all of us at The Royal Mint and by millions of people around the world. The remarkable legacy of Britain’s longest serving monarch will live on for many years to come. "
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    remember the 'limited' 1937 sovereign with king edward VIII?

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    Using history as a guide, I took a look at the Marsh book & found that in the case of Queen Victoria, she ascended to the throne on June 20, 1937 and had the designs for the Young head sovereign submitted to her on Feb 15, 1838. They were approved Feb 26. The first type 1A is said to bare the stamping date of 1938, but the mintage roles show some R5 (5-10 examples known to exist) & R6 (3-4 examples known to exist) coins bearing a 1937 date. Perhaps they were rejected test designs?

    Apparently, there was some kerfuffle about a detail on the reverse because it bore a symbol that was only allowed to be used by a male, so that had to be eliminated quickly.

    King Edward VII ascended on January 2, 1901. The first sovereign to bear his likeness was stamped 1902, after being authorized by royal proclamation on December 10, 1901. Over 4k were minted that year and most are considered common, but one variety is rated R7 (1-2 known to exist)

    George V was king beginning May 6, 1910. His first sovereign was stamped 1911. There were over 30k minted that year, but one variety is rated as R7 (1-2 known to exist)

    King Edward VIII came to power January 20, 1936 & abdicated in December of that year. A few proof sets were struck bearing the year 1937. Rated R6, (3 or 4 examples known to exist).

    George VI ruled beginning December 11, 1936. 5,501 specimen coins were struck bearing his likeness with the year 1937 and are considered Scarce. An unknown mintage of 1937 matt proofs were also stamped. They are rated R6 ( 3-4 known to exist). The likeness looks VERY similar to Edward VIII.

    Queen Elizabeth II ascended February 6, 1952. The first of 6 designs bearing her likeness was struck bearing a date of 1953, proof only, mintage unknown, R6. The next date shown is 1957, which saw millions stamped. In her case, it was 5 years before there was common availability of her sovereign coin. The last version was a computer generated design. I would assume that this new method would allow faster development, so perhaps we might see Charles III coins before a year's wait?????
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