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    Default Energy Crisis

    The energy crisis in Europe is becoming huge.

    Polish homeowners line up for days to buy coal for the winter.

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    I just read they had a fire at the BP refinery in Whiting In. Last time that happened the gas shot up over a $1 a gallon overnight. So went to town and spent a few bucks as my gas cans were all empty as well as the car..

    Feds Declare Regional Emergency For Midwest States After Oil Refinery Has ‘Unanticipated Shutdown’
    What's the Frequency, Kenneth?


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    If Money Lord who print money need to empty rich pocket , then inflation and increase food price, tax , penalty will achieve the objective. Only those who print money out of thin air will rules all. Every Billionaires who do not understand them are those inherits the fortunes or made to be rich by the system will become poor overnight. In third world those rich overnight is China or India or Russia by the Money Lord would be bankrupt and become poor overnight.

    As WEF goal has been explained which is to print money for all to live by basic income is a fake hope like how China has done to be a communists but in actual fact they loot all wealth and share only among themselves and those who are deceived are all trap in a mind disease that when victim realise they are deceived and mind is hurt, they create self illusionary rational to comfort itself with a fake illusion of heaven states in mind called mass psychosis.

    What happen in Sri Lanka is exactly the same and they cannot do anything to change as technologies are expensive and they could not afford to use anything when price is being manipulated by "market". This market is fake and artificially supported by money printing and not real market. So the situation in Sri Lanka has shown that market price can be rigged by location the same as vote count. The price of energy are all different globally even though there is similar global oil price from oil cartel.
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    Upside, India and China need to buy NG to clean it up, send it to them, they want the power but won't pay the insane price when the black stuff is cheaper and plentiful. Energy crisis, not the first, won't be the last, we know energy is plentiful. Fusion, coal, steam, sun, wind, fracking, tides We have more energy abundance before than any other time in history. But, we go cheap, it's the way of easy carbon energy. Then we go green and expensive, the way of RE, solar has been the most expansive so far.

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    german hoarding firewood, well, that's 1 level above hoarding cow dung.

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    We don't have an energy crisis, we have a politician greed and idiot masses crisis.
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