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    Default Cashless society

    went to a cash-free Metallica concert in Pittsburgh a few days card/digital sales only.
    not even a ticket on phone only.

    nope...I dont like it.

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    At the Doobie Bros about a month ago I went to get a beer and was told they would not take cash. I hadn't brought any cards because I didn't want to take a chance to lose them.
    Now there's no more oak oppression
    They passed a noble law
    Now the trees are all kept equal
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    I will not comply.

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    I went to the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday. The vendors I did business with didn't take cash.

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    We are 50 yrs or more away from cashless. Its just not going to happen any time soon. Sure there are some vendors who will play, but most will not.

    Plenty of gas stations still give a cash discount.
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    Cashless could never happen and our govt knows this.

    Anywhere people have to live with connectivity and power-out regularity(like annual weather) could not ever go cashless, only coddled inner city folk , but even then, look at what happened last time NYC had that hurricaine weeklong power outage. People begging for food, as they had configured their lives to be cashless, and didn't have a dollar cash. They learned real quick, on visiting their neighborhood only.

    Where I live(north montana) we have this discussion often, and every winter storm event see the Tesla Tourist, stranded at a gas station, begging for food/warmth because all they have is their tap card, and the charging stations all offline. Local gas stations all have diesel backup, for a week if need be.

    We feel pity for the people deluded into following a cashless, govt controlled, power dependent lifestyle.

    Just one cme away from permanently losing all of your lifes monetary value, if you don't permanently hold it.
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    New York Yankees stadium is completely cash free you need debit/credit cards, also NY Giants and Jets in MET LIfe stadium New Jersey is no cash. I went to a rock concert in CITI Field stadium (NY Mets) in New York, everything was credit/debit cards, they did allow concert customers to insert cash into machines to get gift/debit cards to purchase items.
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