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Thread: $18.38

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    Some are calling for $15 to $13.

    I guess we'll see.
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    Still not paying 4.99$ or more premium

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    Quote Originally Posted by and4rik View Post
    Still not paying 4.99$ or more premium
    I agree, especially when I can buy gold with a 3 to 5% premium.
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    Default Told friends to buy at 18.45

    There is no way it is going much below $18, mining costs are soaring due to supply costs and very high diesel prices. Today above $20 and the moment the fed waivers expect more. The market is forward looking we are in an excellent position for gains over the next six months.

    I've been trading silver since 1981 and this is a rare opportunity, when Covid started it went to $11, I bought. Below cost of production at the time.

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    Happy LABOR Day weekend to those who still WORK..
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    Quote Originally Posted by and4rik View Post
    Still not paying 4.99$ or more premium
    At spot = $6, I would
    “The Federal Reserve is not currently forecasting a recession.”
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    This is no longer posted in the Fed Minutes of January 2008, but still quoted here - The FOMC minutes still quote MR. Reifschneider. as stating the same thing.

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    When will the high premiums start to drop, too high for me

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    PM may continue to drop in price as long as the US$ keeps gaining in value. Premiums may not drop in the USA if everyone else is lined up to take advantage of the low PM prices.
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