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Thread: copper commodity channel

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    I read an article somewhere 2026 is the turning point of peak copper production there are simply not enough mines to produce projected demands. Unless we get deflation and demand is curtailed? Maybe.
    Every year I scrap pipes of copper and brass laying around from jobs. I have permission to take 50-60 pounds of copper pipe off a home to be demolished soon. Once it is demolished the new house will require over 100lbs of copper pipe not counting electrical wiring. It would be great to keep storing it all over the months if I could turn it into bricks without heat for more simple storage. A steam roller and sledge hammer might work. Must be so spoiled today little is done by hand.

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    Copper is on a tear.

    There is a renewed bull market in commodities, helped by ending China's
    failed zero Covid policies.

    This copper rally is taking place against a background of dwindling global stockpiles.
    Shortages are everywhere.

    Not only gold and silver have been overleveraged and rehypothecated. Copper too.

    The "New Bretton Woods" will remonetize not only gold and silver but copper and
    other commodities too.

    My note: I will ad here that few mines of copper have been built lately. It takes
    five years or more to build a new copper mine.

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    Default ^^^^

    Copper miners look priced for much higher copper....or overpriced...if they can't deliver the earnings in a higher interest rate environment..

    copper breaks to the upside...looking for a reversion to the mean?

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    Default copper volume dropping off

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    Default and copper has returned to the mean.

    with DMA support at 398. but things are looking iffy in the equities markets.

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    Default slight corrective downtrend....

    testing support 395 maybe next week?

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    recent dip in copper below $4 to $3.85 tells me gold/silver are due for a correction.
    "That's not money" - Ben Bernanke

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    Default heading into the wedge....

    price is sitting right t the tipping point.

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    i would have thot base metal prices would be higher now given the recent rise of gold, silver, Pt prices

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    Default Base metals and oil

    China reopening was not as robust as expected....consumers need to switch expenses to loans are curtailing sales...all in all recession sets in...if not for the crummy dollar weakness prices would be much lower for gold and silver too.. There are a few high flying copper miners that have yet to get slammed...

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