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Thread: copper commodity channel

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    RE push, EV, charging stations, allot of demand, but plenty of it, price gonna fall into recessionary. Thus, build up of inventory?

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    Default Higher interest rates may stifle demand but

    Those same rate hikes are a real drain on the budgets for any new copper exploration and development.

    Copper now at 325.

    copper gold/breaks down...definite angst in the market. maybe some stockpile sales....

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    Default Copper gold ratio still in an upward wedge...

    I don't know where they get the volume indicator but the volume is also rising. I think therre are many copper shorts but I know there is a cloud of locusts in the gold shorts.....

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    Default copper on lower portion of trend....and holding

    if stuff is down on Monday, I will be looking to add some more to a miner position. Volume is good.
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    Default Welll that chart did a 180...and now it is down...

    I put some bids in...but copper may go lower...332

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    The amount of copper in the warehouses of London
    Metal Exchange has halved in the last eight days.

    The copper goes to China.

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    Default A little bounce and retreat today.

    ^^^ I did hear that too, and f few of the other other favorite metal too...some other rumors about china clean energy strategy..

    I missed some of my bids for miners on the open...but they pulled back anyway...

    copper gold still trending up...sort of...and a test of the upper trend...

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    Default Pop

    Maybe moving back to the 368-343 range... for a while..

    copper gold ratio looking to test 200 MA

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    Default None in transition

    Making a wedge between 200MA daily and 200MA Weekly...mostly the bump is the dollar falling out of ballistics. Look at the volume..falling...of late.

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    We do not have enough copper for our green energy goals

    Mark Bristow, Chairman of Barrick

    My note: in my opinion, the supply and demand situation is the
    best indicator.

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