Those that have been ruling the roost for a very long time tend not to like it. ( wars both economic and real)

The 'West and its affiliates' lets call them US, Canada all European nations. Japan, Australia and NZ have slowly been losing their hold on the
economic dominance of the world that they have had for the past 125 years or so.

If you measure world economic dominance by being over 50% of world GDP ( as inaccurate as this may be it is a close enough proxy)

The " West ' first achieved this in the early 1900`s and have maintained it until this day.

It currently stands at 54% ( depends how you measure it but going by nominal GDP in US $)
It has been fairly consistently in the 70 to 75% area for the last 75 years of the last century but is now falling significantly and quickly.

If the trend continues it will fall below the 50% in the next few years. A sudden drop in the US $ will also do the trick as roughly 45% of 'West" GDP is US.

Wonder if this is playing on the minds of the current world order. ( seems like a lot of tariffs/sanctions, demonizing/sensationalizing/propagandizing, monetary weaponization and plain old war, going on in last 20 years, by the ' West '

" He who pays the piper calls the tune" Understandable why one would want to stay being the one with the most to offer the piper, as it is always nice to call the tune, especially if that has always been the way in your lifetime.