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Thread: The Recession..

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    Most Likely Fake News:
    (Just for you Conspiracy Nutters) Enjoy!

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    Recession Canceled?
    I Might think so Looking at the stock 'market'
    Too Bad I work in a Grocery store...
    where REALITY is Just a Little Too close to Home

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    Anyone from Europe? Celente says "nobody has any money in europe" "energy (or gas?) prices up 90% year to date".

    Can anyone confirm this?

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    Rickards Rambles and is Long winded BUT, it's worth a Listen:

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    Jeff Bezos warning folks not to commit to large purchases.
    Seems that it's starting, or has been for a while but accelerating.
    Who knows how bad things will get. I tend to think that there are MANY companies not capable of handling a high interest rate environment. Hopefully, those of you still in the work force, have been making yourselves valuable to weather the storm.

    When 08 hit I was working for an energy company and they brought in the police on "D day" as they abruptly fired 100 employees. Other companies forced massive salary and wage cuts.
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    Silver one, can you elaborate on what you mean? What are you seeing at the grocery store?
    I go and buy groceries and walk out with a small hand cart that cost me over $100. Need to start buying just the basics and preparing meals I suppose.

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    My bi monthly grocery shopping has just about increased 100% in the last couple years. But many imported nonessential items are actually dropping in price or have not increased with inflation as they cannot unload what is already in the system.

    I look for the diesel fuel crunch to impose a higher transportation fees soon. But then with the slowing in shipping volumes and laying off of staff, will the 'free shipping' perk you get with online buying from the large sellers give the sellers more leverage with the shipping companies?

    I'm amazed what I can order from Walmart online and get delivered for free.
    What's the Frequency, Kenneth?


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    ???? Sold out the American people?

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