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Thread: The Recession..

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    Fiat is the SH1T and the Fan is QE or COVID funding or any money out of thin air in secret or open. FIAT are now contaminate all like cancer. If a person bloodstream is full of cancer, you cannot revive the dying person with new blood injection, organs transplant, age defying magic potions or giving a fantasies of clone Cyborg bodies with full of mRNA lab produced body parts.

    QE is like reviving a dying person with new blood and immigration is like Organs transplant. All medical ideas of vax, blood transfusion, organ transplant never change the natural cycle of birth, death, illness and aging. Those scammers who scam others could only now digitally fool themselves like the Evil Queen in Snow-white stories who fool themselves with fake video and Deepfake who think they are still young and most beautiful. They constantly shout nobody can face the truth because they are liars who prefer to hear and see lies and avoid truth all the time. Realities hurts are like karma for those who lies for too long and have to payback with hard realities themselves. The recession is just a term used for heist using printed money to loot all resources giving the rest impressions of recessions. Those with unlimited money greed has no limit with their imaginations. Foolishness has limit to be lied to and led into confusion and insane states. These insanity is those who use simple logic mind whose mind are having buggy logics and unable to clean up and upgrade anymore.

    These digital age and logic tragic of fake news will harm the Flat Earth group of people and those who spread fake news of Flat Earth are the very same group who spread COVID scam.
    He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors. ~ Thomas Jefferson

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    Here is ANOTHER Article about the Recession (That MAY Be here..) or Not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverone View Post
    Interesting info Silverone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverone View Post

    Here is a significant - government controlled factor, that helps delay a recession. Increased government deficits, especially if significant.
    This is not what deficit spending was intended for. That is why fiat money will always lead eventually to ruin, as even if the framework may
    work, if properly applied, the temptation will always prove too much for the governing to abuse it ( steal, or use for reelection, or to compensate donors that will later compensate you, pet projects, etc.)

    Note that the first 4 months of this years budget was double the shortfall of last years budget ( 522 billion) once adjusted for timing.
    The fifth month, February will be around 275 billion, ( my guess), which is another 58 billion more than the February before of 217 billion.
    It is only going to get worse, and that is if there is no recession or surprise costs or new programs or spending.
    That is more money going into the system, that is not removed by taxation, chasing a given number of goods and services.

    Interesting, as I have harped on before, how revenues can be down 3% when supposedly the economy keeps growing in employment and prices are growing by 6% at least. ( inflation)

    From the horses mouth.

    The federal budget deficit was $459 billion in the first four months of fiscal year 2023, the
    Congressional Budget Office estimates—$200 billion more than the shortfall recorded during the
    same period last year. Outlays were 9 percent higher and revenues were 3 percent lower from
    October through January than during the same period in fiscal year 2022.
    Outlays in fiscal year 2023 were reduced by the shifting of certain payments—totaling
    $63 billion—from October 1, 2022 (the first day of fiscal year 2023), into fiscal year 2022
    because October 1 fell on a weekend. If not for those shifts, the deficit would have been
    $522 billion, double the shortfall during the same period in fiscal year 2022.

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    Thanks for your Input brutus!
    Here is Another >>>

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    The new rule is no recession with a democrat in office no matter what the statistics really show. Income goes down and spending goes up therefore equals growth.
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