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Thread: Silver - What's it good for?

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    IMHO, silver (and gold) are not investments in the same manner that paper assets are considered. They aren't even insurance if you are comparing to term insurance or auto insurance. I see them as a restart of my life if all the bad stuff everyone talks about happens.

    Yes, you can "invest" in silver at times and make quite a few paper dollars. Of course you can put your fiat into silver at the wrong time and lose most of the fiat too. Silver isn't your next meme stock. It you want zoom to the moon investments, go find the next Testla or whatever and jump in.

    It also isn't a crypto where all you can say is that when you sell all you can hope for is a bigger fool that will buy your electrons from you for more than you bought them for. Talk about a bad investment! What do you own if there's no buyers?

    What I really don't understand is why you keep saying the same things over and over and yet are still continue to be involved in silver. I would have walked away a long time ago if I felt the same as you towards silver. For most of my life I've invested in stocks, bonds and other investments. Never once did I say I'm going to invest in something I think is crappy investment. We've owned tech stocks and made good returns, but tech stocks go up and then go down. Some go down to zero. So ride the wave and get out. Look for other rides. We bought and profited from REIT's back when interest rates took a nose dive after Jimmy Carter and made huge returns. I don't own a REIT now because I don't see them being a good investment at this time.

    But my financial advisor is asking my to get into a Blackstone fund that's closed to most smaller investors. But I see interest rates rising and wonder if that's a good investment now. Maybe. I trust my guy and am willing to follow his suggestions. But bet the farm and go for broke. Nope.

    I own silver. I've owned silver for most of my life, which will be 75 years, as of tomorrow. At first my silver was saved by my parents and I inherited it. They went through the great depression and knew what a bad economy was like. They know that when things were bleak and shares of companies were good for wiping your butt, silver was still worth owning. I don't see any reason to change that belief in something that has gone from pocket change to $20+ dollars an ounce. Perhaps not the best investment, but it's still there when the rest of the crap turns into vapor.

    If you wish to sell your silver, let me know how much you are asking for it. Just don't think I'm going to bail you out if you overpaid.
    Do your own due diligence

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    [QUOTE=aberdeen;2769071]How many similar news events have occurred in the past forty years since silver peaked at fifty an ounce back in 1980 or so? Or have occurred since silver moved up to forty nine plus back in the spring of 2011? Or have occurred since silver went to thirty a few months ago? I still have silver coins and will continue to own them despite it all, although I now fully realize that silver is not a good investment.[/QUOTE]

    Gee, maybe you should have done your due diligence before committing your hard earned money. I've made money in stocks, bonds. PM's and real estate. And along the way I have lost money, but in the long run, I'm ahead of the game and never cry about what I've lost...and some loses have been substantial!
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    depending on the size of the steak, a 10 oz to 1 kg Ag bar could keep the steak flat and even cooking

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