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Thread: Silver cake! Back from the grave

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    Default Silver cake! Back from the grave

    $26 silver cake! Have a slice...
    Anyone that identifies themselves by the color of their skin, is a racist.
    There is only ONE race of people on this planet, the human race.

    Do not be deceived, Darwin’s theory of Evolution is racist. When Darwin is properly understood, it leads to the justification for believing that certain races of people are by birth and nature superior to others and that is the definition of racism.

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    God bless you and a big thumbs up! Keep on stacking...
    Stacking since the late 1970's

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    The last time gold was this high $1,966.00 silver was approx. $46.00+ back in the 2011 era.

    So it is really lagging behind close to 45% less than it should be by comparison. Will it make a surge and catch up? Dunno.

    I'd love to see a $45.00 cake. your own Health Care System... grow your own and eat well

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