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@ MSH:

I think I may have been one of the only ones who didn't take advantage of the Wallyworld/Apmex bullion offering(s). LongDon had informed me about it, and I was kind of surprised that some of the prices were cheaper than what you could find them on their own site for. Will wonders never cease! I still think that there will be some better pricing coming down the pike in the next few months. Kind of waiting to see how the Fed decision in August will affect things.
Bronkster, I think there's a world of pain still to happen in the stock market. As far as PM prices go, I think we're near, if not at, bottom for now. COT number is very low and that's a sign that the PM market is oversold. I won't hold my breath waiting for much lower PM. Perhaps premiums will drop, but that's just a guess on my part.

If Old Joe manages to completely kill the US economy and put us into a depression then GOK's just how bad things can get. PM might snap up if the US dollar takes a hit. So far Joe's government is near perfect for doing the wrong thing. The Fed is fighting inflation by raising interest rates. But they know that we can't pay the interest on existing debt if interest rates continue to increase, so when will they blink? In the long run they must crank up the printing presses to max once again. They are between a rock and a hard place and the world knows it.

Unless Joe stops trying to hug windmills, and push Chinese solar panels, and drill, drill and drill. We will be seeing rolling blackouts in some states. Europe is in even worse condition. Turning off traffic lights to save energy! Good Grief! Plus Joe's thinking that we can buy our way out of recession (spend more!) is all hanging on one or maybe two senators votes. We are in deep doodoo. Like a hyper child making noise, and ignoring his mom's attempts to control him, he's just going to continue making noise. Spend, spend and spend. Debt is his solution to all things. Plus kill oil and gas as fast as he can.

So I think that all we can pray for is that some adults take over congress in the next mid-term election. But then again were are we to find that many adults running for congress? I'm with Maxwellsilverhammer in thinking it's time to grab more. Not sell any at all. No trading either. I put 70 ounces of well worn junk silver back into the swamp that I was thinking of trading at the next coin show. PM has been beat to near death by the big banks, but the banks are reporting lower earnings. Perhaps they will start to go long? Or a few will go bust? We'll see who's right by the end of the year.