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Thread: Generic vs. Premium silver

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    Simply put, the reason why some people stack nickels in addition to the more precious metals, is for the very same reason that you understand why people stack pre-1982 copper cents; the metals contained within are worth more than their respective face values. One of the sites I check in with is CoinApps dot you-know-what. I'm sure there are many more, but this is just to give you an example of one place where to check (in case you don't already know). It provides intrinsic metal values based on current spot prices. As a plus, it has melt values of precious metals coins and scrap also.

    A lot of people don't know (or care) that U.S. nickels, which in Unc. condition are supposed to weigh 5 grams. What they also don't know is that they are actually comprised of 75 % copper and 25 % nickel, even though they're called "nickels". So imagine that you have say, 10 rolls of nickels ($20 face value worth)- with each roll having 40 nickels and you having 10 rolls. That would equal 400 nickels total. Given the current spot price of nickel ($11.3180 per pound) and the current spot price of copper ($4.5210 per pound), your $20 face value of nickels in melt alone (and not counting wear or any "spread") would come out to $27.427.

    Now obviously, stacking these types of metals takes up a good amount of space and probably no one is getting rich off stacking them, but it's hard to deny that they're worth more than face value.

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    well said bronkster, also, i for one think that it is possible that when the reset occurs and the federal reserve notes (private printing) are worthless or diminished in value 10 to 1 that u s coins actually minted by our government and not a private group of racketeers like the fed rsv, the u s coins will continue to hold their value and be barterable until they are all pulled out of circulation at which time, copper and nickel coins once no longer minted will also probably be legal to melt as scrap for considerably more than the original 1 cent or 5 cents face cost when i got them. i know, i know, a lot of ifs involved, and it may sound really silly that some old fart would even consider, but one might ask themself what if i am right???

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    Thanks, this is why I asked,
    I never really thought to look at nickels.

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    maxwell SH, I believe that those are good points to add, no matter how much someone else may think it's "out there" or conspiracy theory. Anything IS possible and it sure doesn't hurt to have that to fall back on if and when it happens. At this point, with the behavior we've seen many governments exhibiting, nothing would surprise me.

    Honestly, I've been reading a lot lately about this huge push to eliminate cash and move us towards CBDC as well as "social credit scores" (like China already has). My opinion is that things are going to get really, really bad (even worse than they are currently) if/when that happens. If any of us thought that we have no privacy now, wait until THAT is established. TPTB and the elites want to control everything so badly they can taste it.

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    I don't think it's that difficult to consider a metal (cu/ni) nickel, dime, or quarter more valuable than a paper dollar. Throw them in a fire...The paper is gone & the metal remains...(simple).
    At the very least ,,,Change is a metallic commodity....Sure you can take a paper dollar to the bank and get 4 quarters....Does that remind anyone of pre 1965 when it was silver??? WELL...Now it's just base metal...In the future it's likely that will also be gone, but not to worry You will be given electrons in space backed by the full faith of your government. YUP !

    Ag guy
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    This life is the training of the soul for the life to come. (accept that we live in a fallen world)
    Whether you know it or not, you are a spiritual eternal being! Ag guy

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    As my opening post states, I've worked out that generic silver should return a better return over the long run as long as we're not talking about a rare coin. Bullion is bullion. Junk 90% silver may be worth more if we are talking about barter only because it comes in small sizes and can be traded easily between people.

    A few years back, I don't remember when, I also stated that holding modern non-silver coins vs. FRN's made sense to hoard since they were made of metal and thus had value. That in the future they might be worth having for barter. I also don't remember all the conversation back then but I do remember some kick back by people that thought I was nuts since zinc, copper and nickel wasn't worth very much.

    I also have brought up that 90% silver (junk silver) has 10% copper and that can't be dismissed when figuring the value of these coins when selling. More and more so as copper hits new highs. Scrapers know full well that copper and aluminum picked up for nothing can equal real money these days. All this is coming to light as fiat currency trends towards zero.

    Many of us need to look at just how things can change quickly, like in Canada, with bank account seizures, frozen assets and government thugs coming after their own citizens. It appears that governments with their backs to the wall will lash out like cornered dogs. Plus what the Ukrainians are learning. Britain and the USA promised to protect them in exchange for getting rid of the nuclear weapons the USSR left in place when it collapsed. How's that working out? The nut job in charge in Russia is threatening to use nukes. Against whom? Ukraine? The whole world? I sure hope that we don't see modern day Chamberlain politicians create a modern day Hitler. I went through NBC (nuclear, biological & chemical) school when in the military plus am old enough to remember drop, duck and cover in grade school to know that nobody wins a nuclear war. Terms like MD50 quickly shed any thoughts of that.

    In any case, I'm afraid that younger people may relearn the lessons that people in the great depression learned. Grow your own food, stay out of debt and believe in family and friends plus trust in God and you will survive. Be an ant and not a grasshopper. When a government says that they're here to help, run!
    Do your own due diligence

    I stand united with my friends & family in Canada who seek freedom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BudrowBob View Post
    Thanks, this is why I asked,
    I never really thought to look at nickels.
    This is the main reason I stacked nickels, but another consideration. I am unsure of the exact terminology and process, if the US ever revalued or got rid of the federal reserve notes or switched to the Amero, the coins would hold their value. For example, $10 fed reserve notes may equal $1 new currency, 25 cents would still be 25 cents. Over night your coin stash would 10x in value. Obviously we would need some strange event to occur that would give the fed and banks an opportunity to gather up as many coins as possible. Oh wait...

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    These days, with insane premiums on things like Eagles, generic is the answer, and best bet is 100 oz bars as they can usually be found with the best premiums (and are more efficient to store than rounds).

    When you realize that PM refiners will always buy back at near spot, generic makes even more sense (no reason to take a big loss at the well under spot price some dealers will offer you for such generics).

    When those dealing in premium silver no longer can fetch what they have been in recent times, they will lower prices on items like Eagles and I may consider buying them again (I started stacking bullion silver with eagles when I remember they were once easy to find at $2 over spot).
    “Of all the contrivances for cheating the laboring class of mankind, none has been more effective than that which deludes them with paper money.”Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

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