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    look like buy the next dip

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    Default same chart on the15 minute zoom....

    Quote Originally Posted by yellowsnow View Post
    look like buy the next dip

    it is at the dip. i hope. They are still 200 rigs short of before covid and..due to the greenies exploration and dev is dead. and energy consumption is 5% higher due to the cryptos...white house now pulling hair out.
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    Well that was a trip...Scratch on the album rapper boom box sounds by Vlad. Now Joe B Bop Is pumping the reserves to keep prices in the channel...just enough to get the truck to midterm elections...

    Maybe we get a wobble in the old trend.... but it looks like bubbles in the pipe. trend along the upper channel?

    That February trade was good...look at the copper channel thread.
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    Default Some people will do anything to get elected...or tilt the able for temporary inflation relief...

    but longer term we still go up the top pipe...if it turns on the top trend I go back to oil domestics and maybe some European's....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruthenium View Post

    but longer term we still go up the top pipe...if it turns on the top trend I go back to oil domestics and maybe some European's....
    can't wait for SPR release to end or run out

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    Default SPR and the game of energy chicken

    Trump looks prescient on his proposals to fill it during the pandemic. BTW i think there were other things he proposed that were practical and I am not a trump supporter..just a libertarians' take.
    I can just wait until the Biden team tries a pansy move like sanctions on the Saudis and the Saudis respond with another cut to production....

    Now the thing will cost 5x the price to fill it. Not that the DIMwits will ever think we need oil again......are there going to be charging stations on the battlefield? the chicken in every pot campaign has to stop.

    It is full economic warfare...the west slams gold and the commodities including oil to starve the enemy and raises debt loads and interest rates to crush foreign currencies. Brits buying down rates and trying to pro up their currency and the ragged EU confabulation of weak spenders and saddled Germany freezing in the winter of a "warming" planet in pure irony...

    piss poor planning.

    And those crying deflation when it is a bubble of excess popping...speculators realizing they have dogSh*t....zombies...that can't and never will make likely to vaporize so much malinvestment and wasteful demand that it may take some productive companies to mercy pricing levels...

    if the fed is even thinking about listening to the deflationists gold will fly like 1980 on PCP. ApeSh*t...
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