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Thread: Investment or Insurance

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    Default Investment or Insurance

    Do people buy silver (and other precious metals) as an investment to make a profit on late or as insurance against economic hard times? What are everyone's thoughts on this?

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    I would say some of both. I for one, stack and hold.

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    Both. I assure you after carefully buying on lows and cost averaging in, I'm well ahead of the game. But I might add, it's been many decades of buying, so I don't see it as a get rich quick scheme. For me precious metals are just one component of a well diversified portfolio.
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    I buy because it is a hedge against the insanity I think we will experience and it is more likely to hold its' value thanUS Dollars.
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    Metal to hold....miners to (TRY) to make a profit.....................I said try!

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    I do both, as does the general population. I would add to this: a form of savings. (Savings are designed to hold value, not necessarily as investments).

    Maybe in modern language "insurance" speaks to more people, however for me "savings" is what works -- as savings is insurance (it just needs to be in a form that holds values).

    Fiat = currency to spend or trade
    Bullion = Savings
    PM in ETF form = investment (or spot placeholder for later physical purchase)
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    Good points. It's a metal to hold for sure; a form of savings as motocat said. And while profits are possible, "quick" usually isn't part of the formula.

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    Perhaps more like whole life insurance with a bond tossed in, definitely not term insurance. Term pays you nothing when the term is over. PM if purchased at the correct price you will get your money back and possible to get some extra too. The kicker is that you don't need to cash it in for any one fiat currencies since it has universal conversion rates.
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    As a dealer/investor....I buy and sell all. And have been for decades. Since gold was $65 and silver was $1.25. Neither one are great long-term(multi-decade) investments. Gold I like viscerally, and shiny silver dollars are nice. I have some of both. In 50 years though, silver has been a bad investment. For whatever's manipulated, it's not as scarce as the touts say, it's heavy, left alone it degrades, tarnishes, smells, all worse than humans as we age. I sell it as quick as I buy it, except for those unusual silver pieces that can't be replaced. Silver has served me well as forced savings at times, it does have that going for it. Maybe the future will be different, but I've found that in my life silver has not protected me against inflation. Yes, I can buy a gallon of gas for 1 silver quarter, whoopee.

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    Insurance... along with brass and lead. Use it to get ahead.
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