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Thread: Opinions requested: LCD Digital Microscope

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    What draws me to the models I'm considering is that they can not only provide super closeups like that, but also image the entire coin. I'm still on the fence, but kinda attracted to the idea. I've taken acceptable photos for eBay with a camera and with a scanner, that's money already spent. And, there's my trusty loupe for close examination too. So, it could be argued it's an unnecessary expense. But, dang, that 10" LCD sure would be a pleasure to my old eyes.
    The response (or lack of) shows me it's not such a popular idea. I've just never owned a decent microscope, and I'm a bit of a gadget freak. I can see where I would use it beyond the world of numismatics. A bit surprised at the lack of interest.

    What microscope was that photo taken with?
    admit that bad eyesight is not the friend of coincollecting, and normal loupes or magnifying glasses are a pain in the neck, that digital screen seems to be a perfect solution.
    I have actually other expenses to cover, so not buying for the moment, but might think about it. the price being less than one 20 goldfranc coin...


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    My 2022 Lighthouse coin accessory catalogue arrived yesterday and features several LCD microscopes 10-200/500x variable magnification, 3.5-4.3 " LCD screens running $370-220.00 range...and connectable to your PC. I might be in the market for one of these since...such stuff was on my long-term gear list and you raise the issue now.
    Gold. The only money that matters. The only money that lasts.

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    I would suggest you shop around a bit beyond the realm of your Lighthouse Coin catalog before you buy.

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    I got a new phone yesterday. Nothing special under $150 US 8m pixel.

    Here's two pics it takes of the 2010 ASE. One in normal mode and cropped the other in macro an as is.

    Normal, you could probably do better with a stand instead of my shaky one hand.

    Macro shot, no crop.

    the original close with the hand held scope.

    What's the Frequency, Kenneth?


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