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    Natural gas futures explode up 72 % in minutes.

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    What's the Frequency, Kenneth?


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    Seems the burden of supplying the EU with nat gas is a lucrative biz.

    Biden's Energy Crisis Will Get Even Worse

    As bad as it is here and now, we face the potential for a prolonged energy crisis, and the Biden Administration and his European counterparts apparently lack the resolve to take action. In the end, it will be the American people, who pay the price. 2010, Europe produced twice as much natural gas as it imported from Russia; last year, it imported twice as much from Russia as it produced domestically. Europe waged war on its own energy industry in favor of dependency on Russia, a catastrophic error we should remember as we debate the importance of a vibrant domestic fossil fuel and energy industry.

    As bad as you may feel looking at your utility bill, the pain is even worse in Europe, which is now paying 9x as much for natural gas as we are. Indeed, extremely high European gas prices are a reason why our natural gas prices have risen from $4 at the start of the year to $9 now. Because Europe is paying up to $80, they are bidding up US LNG exports where we have limited capacity. As producers would rather sell on the expensive LNG export market, that leaves less gas for domestic needs, pushing up prices we pay.

    If tomorrow President Biden halted exports of LNG, our natural gas prices would likely fall by more than 30%. We are facing more inflation in order to help Europe deal with their gas shortageŚwe are subsidizing their policy error. When their sanctions on Russian oil take effect in a few months, we may see a similar phenomenon; in fact, US oil exports hit a record last month as nations scramble to replace Russian barrels.
    What's the Frequency, Kenneth?


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    we hereover in europe always refer the priceincrease is due to the invasion of russia in ukrainia,, it is a big lie, the reason is our OWN sanctions. WE have decided to wean ourselves off from Russian oil, gas and oilproducts.

    The policy which they thought would punish russia punishes ourselves more than them, Oops... None of our politicians understands that our society runs on energy , whatever it might be, electricity, oil, gas, nuclear. We are overmotorized and EVERYTHING, also protesting against energy production needs energy. Without energy, tractors and machines are not running and over the years, we haveovermechanized our western worls.Our politicians who are ivory tower ( hope they understand what that means ) bureaucrats have not a clue about what they have done. They think blabla words are enough to straighten the mistake, they are not, the end result will be that russia will modernize more together with china, because they have the energy and raw materials and the west will wilt.


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