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Thread: Investing in oil

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    Default Investing in oil

    Oil is in upswing. OPEC seems determined to sustain high oil prices.

    I have looked at Petrobras (Petroleo Braziliero). Big, old, stable company.

    The option traders seem to expect much higher prices.

    Anyhow, with a forward dividend yield of 19 % (too good to be true ?)
    with a P/E smaller than 4 looks really attractive.

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    that looks about right but really much debt do they have and what is their ESG story...(to sell it to the Greenies). I have BP, and I am looking at PTR and i figure the Chinese don't really care about the carbon credit thing and the Evergrande stuff has been I buy the Chinese SIN stocks for a double helping.....I mean we still buy china's stuff and the Europeans still live in a cold place with need for oil.... I also have XOM.....those guys had oil spills and still suffer from that. But they are going to retool for platinum is near cost of production as no-one will ever need it again duh....the burning smell of techno paper...and the metaverse may be a downdraft for a bit. the financial sector did not confirm the recent rally in the major indexes so equities may go down hard first....I think the first week of next year will be tough...if they make it that far...pass it on.

    I heard the same stuff about gold in body needs it.....I got a lot below 300.....silver was 5-7 I thought they were giving it away and they were....bags and bags... I have been on kitco from the early days.....that was a bear market.....
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    Default maybe the chinese will try

    to get oil selltements in chinese CBDC......maybe the arabs will try to pull a crypto play....Kadafi tried to goto gold and they buried him.....there maybe some fighting words ..... but no fireworks...good for gold.

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    Default capital controls are setting in

    with the ban on some Chinese stocks in US listings......we shall see for now, BP and XOM...don't put too much emhasis on the P/E and Div...They do swing. if you do look for consistency over long timeframes and make sure they are a lower cost producer. Oil is going out of style.

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    Thomas Jefferson is credited with writing, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” The seceding states in the Civil War period issued a similar declaration using the word “tyranny” as opposed to “injustice.”

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