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Thread: Thinking of buying Platinum. Arguments for and against?

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    Turns out the world gets 15 percent of it's platinum from Russia. Might drive the price up a bit.

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    This is what I was thinking might happen:

    Faster transition to platinum, I did write about this someplace else. A bit of good news for those who have held unto platinum for so long.
    “Of all the contrivances for cheating the laboring class of mankind, none has been more effective than that which deludes them with paper money.”Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

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    That is huge news Moto. Kind of wonder why this transition hasn't taken place sooner.

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    Yes, quoted in the article:

    "The substitution effort has gone up hugely," said Trevor Raymond, the WPIC's head of research. "The amount of savings an automaker can make are massive. What's been added on top of that is concerns about availability (of palladium)."

    I am just wondering what are Trevor's sources, is he really in the know (with people who are actually manufacturing emissions reductions systems), or being in the World Platinum Investment Council, could this just be wishful thinking? Hard to know down here, I've read many false reports before by those with vested interest in what they report on.
    “Of all the contrivances for cheating the laboring class of mankind, none has been more effective than that which deludes them with paper money.”Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

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    New and used car sales are plummeting everywhere. I don't know that this will change Anytime soon unless the FED tries to reinflate the bubble.
    I'm buying Platinum but expect to be buying on as it goes down.
    Unless folks begin to turn to it for a safe haven it'll probably go down significantly.

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    Default PPLT as 4th bottom test.

    Platinum is right at 900-920....just a technical bump hoping for a quadruple bottom here at least temporarily. took a lark on PPLT at 85.41...chart below.
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    there is no reason buying a new ICE now, used one ok, but not new ICE car

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    Default Platinum use case shift.

    Hopefully they stop using platinum for hydrocarbon emissions control, and reforming of uses in catalytic storage and generation of recyclable fuels. Maybe even using hydrocarbons in a closed loop for storage and generation of hydrogen. Certainly other chemistries are being sought but if one is found that is a high density storage of hydrogen without compression (a liquid cycle) that would be best.

    Just a thought. I'm thinking the Pt/Pd ratio is going to invert. A good trade would be one Pd for 2 Pt.
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    "there is no reason buying a new ICE now, used one ok, but not new ICE car"

    Do you think enough people feel that way? I definitely think that it's possible that they do, but not certain. Didn't take like for Blackberry to become antiquated. All it took was something far superior-IPHONE.

    Just curious if most american's now feel that the electric car is now the IPHONE and worth the expense. The lack of charging stations still seems to be a bottleneck.

    Even is consumer demand were to favor electric cars how would we keep up?

    “​​There is no shortage of the element itself, as lithium is almost everywhere on Earth, but pace of extraction/refinement is slow,” Musk wrote.

    ICE cars will remain prevalent for a long time. Remember a lot of folks cannot or will not pay the extra cost of an EV.

    You can buy a nice Nissan Versa for $15,000. Any entry level EV will run you around $30,000.

    The EV market is not for the average person.
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    Incidentally, this article just came out on Yahoo finance.

    Electric vehicle prices and range, not cost of gas, top concerns for prospective buyers

    But a new study from Autolist — an online car shopping platform— shows gas prices actually are not driving more EV consumer sentiment.

    “This was a little bit of a surprise for us,” says David Undercoffler, Editor-in-Chief of Autolist in an interview with Yahoo Finance. “We asked people. ‘What dollar per gallon would the price of gas need to hit in order for you then to consider an EV for your next vehicle?’ And the most common answer was actually it's not about the price of gas.”

    "It turns out the respondents in Autolist’s 1,300 person survey wouldn't choose an EV for other reasons, and those go back to high prices for EVs (47%), range or lack thereof (44%), and no charging infrastructure (36%).

    “Price is the number one reason they're not buying an EV, range is the second reason, and then charging infrastructure, anxiety over where they're going to charge the vehicle is always number three,” Undercoffler says."

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