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Thread: A much needed history lesson

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    If there is hyperinflation stackers will be able to trade in PM's and they'll be wishing they had leveraged some debt, potentially.
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    "All of us necessarily hold many casual opinions that are ludicrously wrong simply because life is far too short for us to think through even a small fraction of the topics that we come across." -- Julian Simon

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    Quote Originally Posted by aberdeen View Post
    I would love to see some analyst/commentator say that gold and silver will explode next week or next month. Of course, they always say it will happen in six months at the earliest or maybe a year from now. When it doesn't happen, people will have forgotten about their stupid predictions.
    My point exactly. I will state that, at this moment, many PM mining stocks are dirt cheap. There's PE ratio in some cases are in the 3-4 range and with current gold and silver prices (and not record levels) they are highly profitable. What will happen if (and I'm saying if) PM prices do take off and go to new record levels. Remember if gold goes up $100/oz that mining costs hardly changes at all. So that's $100 to the bottom line. But the reverse is also true. I find it interesting that the mining forum is dead while huge discounts in mining stocks is the norm and everybody on this forum is talking about talking heads future PM price predictions. DYODD.
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    Do your own due diligence

    I stand united with my friends & family in Canada who seek freedom.

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    Debt contracts are locked down in dollars. People with debt win in a hyperinflation
    I think so. I was facing job uncertainty a while back, and worked very hard to pay off as much debt as I could in anticipation of losing my job. The pink slip never came, and I ended up being in the best financial shape I had ever been in...unless hyperinflation comes, in which case I totally screwed myself by paying off all that debt.

    Of course, I sometimes wonder if debt contracts would be reset by the authorities (e.g., changed in value/magnitude, or translated to "New USD"). It just seems like they protect certain participants, and if the banks (or whomever) will be hurt, they will find a way to help them out.

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    The government never cuts spending. They talk about cutting the increase in spending as if it is a cut. It doesn't matter how much money they take in in taxes. It's never enough.

    Remember, income tax in the USA was only for the very rich when it was first implemented. Something like 0.1% for those making over $100,000 way back when. Sales tax was only 1/4 of one percentage or some such thing when first implemented. Alternative minimum tax was only for the filthy rich when it came about. Wealth taxing is only for billionaires or so says the same A-holes that told all the other lies to us. Anyone think having wealth isn't going to be the next way of fleecing the average Joe/Jane? Then there's the VAT tax that is being talked about too. Do you think the income tax will be ended if we get a vat? Not when they are talking about hiring 50,000 or 75,000 more IRS agents to look at our bank accounts. The only solution to being taxed to death is to not have anything, or appear to not have anything, of value.

    Their real solution is a flat tax. Give us 100% of what you make and we'll decide how to spend it. Tea Party = Taxed Enough Already.

    So just remember for many of us tomorrow is an election day and all politics are local. So vote smart at the local level and it flows upwards towards national trends.

    My county here in the red part of New York State just cut property taxes and yet increased services. Meanwhile down in the swamp of NYC (AKA Sodom upon Hudson), they are firing police, fire fighters, sanitation workers and health care workers for not complying with fascists liberals. Plus talking about more and more taxes needed.

    For those not in the know, for those of us that got BS educated in public schools, the NAZI party was a socialist party.

    "The Blackshirts (Italian language: camicie nere, CCNN , or squadristi) were fascist paramilitary armed squads in Italy during the period immediately following World War I and until the end of World War II. Blackshirts were officially known as the Voluntary Militia for National Security (Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale, or MVSN)."

    "The SA were the Sturmabteilung, meaning 'assault division'. The group were also known as the Brownshirts or Storm Troopers. It was a violent paramilitary group attached to the Nazi Party in pre-World War Two Germany."

    Can anyone think of a violent group here in the USA? Hint: Where any cities burned in the last year or so? You know, during the "Mostly Peaceful Protests".

    Here endeth my much needed history lesson.

    Let's go Brandon!
    Do your own due diligence

    I stand united with my friends & family in Canada who seek freedom.

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    i must be a bit more brash... f uck joe biden

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    Miners should have plenty of cash on hand, and maybe they stack, most say they don't, and can't. They can expand. Some of us can only build the shares on price dips the markets throw at miners. We can be bottom feeders too.

    The inflation part just slowly cooks in over time. Rising wages blunts the consumer effect some. We might wonder that only cryptocurrency wars could damage the dollar beyond repair, and faster than we might want.

    History can start to change pretty fast if the world or people want it to.

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    I like to give my own history lesson. I like the eyes rolled back in the head look I get trying to explain inflation to those less than 30 years old.

    I even use visual prop's and still don't think 99% of them get it.

    I pull out an American Morgan silver dollar and tell them that in 1964 I could walk into a bank and hand a paper dollar to the teller and get this silver dollar and walk out with silver in my pocket. A paper dollar and a silver dollar were interchangeable back then. However, today banks don't have silver dollars or other silver coins, I need to buy my silver from the mint or go to a LCS and pay a premium over the POS. But even at today's POS, without the premium, this silver dollar (I'm showing to the youngster) is now worth $20 more or less.

    Then I explain that silver hasn't gone up, the dollar has gone down.

    For proof I state a few examples, such as two meals at Chez Mac was a buck in 1964 and this silver dollar, that is worth $20, will still more or less buy two meals. Or the same silver dollar would buy about 4 gallons of gas in 1964 and will still buy 4 gallons today. Then I ask what do you think will happen to paper dollar value in the future? How about this silver dollar?

    I wonder if I ever get through to any of them?

    Maybe If I put it on Face Slap, through in some BS about block chain and three card Monte tricks they'd be more receptive to a thought entering the little used gray cells between their ears.

    I don't know, but something about leading a horse to to water springs to mind....
    Do your own due diligence

    I stand united with my friends & family in Canada who seek freedom.

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    You gotta do a tick tock dance in a tu-tu....Then they will idolize you..................

    Ag guy
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    This life is the training of the soul for the life to come. (accept that we live in a fallen world)
    Whether you know it or not, you are a spiritual eternal being! Ag guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by t00nces2 View Post
    We have lost almost a third of the purchasing power of our dollar since January 6th of this year.... by design. Let's go Brandon!
    Dollar is MUCH stronger than it has been in the past 4 years. Lets go Gump! God bless President Biden, best since Obama.
    Buy Low Sell High

    Keeping it simple with the Eagles, Maples and Krugs....

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    Quote Originally Posted by blitzdude View Post
    Dollar is MUCH stronger than it has been in the past 4 years. Lets go Gump! God bless President Biden, best since Obama.
    HA ha! that's the best joke I've seen so far in 2022. Next thing we'll be told is that inflation is under control too. Or the budget is balanced and the check's in the mail too.

    However, if the buck isn't F'ed and it is stronger than it should be (for now) then it's a good time to pick up physical. Get it while you can!
    Do your own due diligence

    I stand united with my friends & family in Canada who seek freedom.

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