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Thread: Visual World Ag Supply

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    Originally Posted by vertical1
    I thought this was an interesting visual aid.


    I can only go on my experience with silver, and I have learned not to trust anyone for reliable information and advice. Ted Butler and David Morgan twenty years ago kept mentioning the coming supply crisis and, yes, there was an annual silver deficit for a few years. By 2008 the crisis had passed. How? I really don't know. Will the world run low on silver which will lead an explosion in price? Maybe, and then again, maybe it's all propaganda and lies and hype.

    Technology, just plenty being pulled out of the ground so much easier, 70% of it comes along with copper mining if that tells you anything more about silver. But, look how much better copper has done as of recent, even aluminum. Base metals are fun, their is no deficit. The latest thing I see on the radar today is ethanol prices crashed 30% in a week, I wish I knew how to play that commodity.

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    Global silver demand to increase to a record 1.112 billion oz in 2022

    Most of the increase in demand comes from industrial application.

    Silver supply is expected to increase to 1.092 billion oz in 2022.

    Silver investment ETF's is expected to grow substantially too.

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