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Thread: Why are employers having A hard time finding workers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bronkster1967 View Post
    Yup. basically amounts to knowing that I've been stolen from my entire life and knowing I can do nothing about it except forge ahead with my own plans for sustained prosperity.
    Ah, but there could be something done, It would have to involve total commitment and bloodshed and loss of life and something/someone to coalesce the aforementioned unfortunately......not many other options left IMO. There is not a stampede of people lining up to fill that calling either......
    Thomas Jefferson is credited with writing, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” The seceding states in the Civil War period issued a similar declaration using the word “tyranny” as opposed to “injustice.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by LongDonSilver View Post
    Maybe restaurants need remote waitstaff? Talk into the flickering monitor and get a Gen X at home in her pajamas and slippers at the other end. I'd be all for it if I didn't have to tip the butt sitting morons and the cost savings of talking to a computer was passed on to me.

    The local McDonald's put in Kiosks assuming I'm willing to spend 10 minutes entering my order, use a credit card, to buy my Egg McMuffin and coffee instead of going to the counter and asking for a #2 (or what ever) and paying with paper fiat. I haven't been in our Chez Mac since they removed the table used by our group of veterans, having a morning coffee together, and installed a Kiosk in its place. We now meet at the local Perkins.

    I have met the enemy and they are us. - Pogo
    Wow! Don, you may have something here! Just think, you could corner the market on remote waitstaff! It's like the Common Core math that they now teach in so many schools. "Hey, let's make things so complicated and add so many steps in an effort to "simplify" math problems for our idiot children that they'll NEVER get it! Yeah! Great idea!!". This, instead of having them memorize (AKA learn) things like multiplication tables and how to add, subtract or divide the usual way, you know, basic math that ANY adult should be able to do- I'm not talking about advanced calculus, trigonometry or even algebra. Just stuff that you may need to be able to do to get through life and stuff that people for decades/centuries have been "forced" to learn.

    In this effort to combat shrinking job applications and people not wanting to work and/or expecting outrageous incomes for the type of work performed, they'll outsource the work. I can only imagine trying to order from your favorite fast food restaurant (we'll use McDonalds here) and getting a help line somewhere in India or Russia or China.

    Them: "Okay, Ma'am. My name is "Bubba". Ooops, I mean Benjamin. Kzzztch. That was a quarter pounder with cheese with no pickles, extra onions... Kzzztttsch. Uhhh, a supersize french fries and a small hot coffee with 33 creams and eleventeen sugars? There'll be a small upcharge for that. And the extra ketchup you asked for will be upcharged also. Your total comes to $28.62. Please enter your credit card number along with expiration date and security number on back now. We don't accept cash. Oh, and by the way, please keep your mask on until you've finished paying for your order. No one really knows if the virus can travel through the internet. Oh, yeah and uhh, we're running your "social score" to see if you're eligible to even order from our establishment. Kzzt. (blinks repeatedly)".

    Me: " Well, I'm sorry, Bubba. I mean "Benjamin". First of all, I'm a guy, sooooo... Ahhh! Anyway, I think you got your orders crossed. I actually ordered from your all day breakfast menu and wanted a Sausage McMuffin with egg and cheese, one hash brown and a large iced coffee with 3 creams and 6 Splenda. That's it. Pretty simple, really. Nothing extra, no frills. It should cost around $6-$7 at your current listed prices."

    Them: "Well, my screen shows your total is $28.62. Please pay now. Also, we're non-binary when it comes to gender.".

    Me: "(sighs) Okay, then, you. May I please speak to a manager?"

    Them: "Sure, I'd love to able to help you with that. Unfortunately my manager is assisting other customers and will be tied up for several minutes. I'm just an independent contractor and have to process the orders as they pop up on my screen. It's the new "Gig economy", you know? And I love just being able to work from home! Oh, I'm sorry. It looks as if your social score just came back and as our corporate policy follows the CDC, FBI, CIA, WHO and White House guidelines, we'll be unable to process your order. Kzztch. It seems that you've said some disparaging things about our rulers, uhh, I mean our leaders and they've been tracking you. Plus, what's this? You "stack" precious metals in an effort to circumvent the declining value of our beloved dollar? What, are you crazy? And you own guns, too? You're a killer! I'm flagging you as inappropriate and offensive. Goodbye!".

    Me: "WTF just happened? Hm. I wonder if Wendy's is open?".

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    Quote Originally Posted by vertical1 View Post
    Ah, but there could be something done, It would have to involve total commitment and bloodshed and loss of life and something/someone to coalesce the aforementioned unfortunately......not many other options left IMO. There is not a stampede of people lining up to fill that calling either......
    So true. There could be something done, but clearly they don't want to do it. They just don't seem to want to put in the effort and there has to be reasons for that. Not the least of which is- they don't want the current way of doing things to change.

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    Here is a recent article on this. I tend to think people don't have to work so then don't. After sitting home not having to work with a nice UI check coming in, I can only think people got lazy, or looked for and/or found easier work.

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    Everything that article seems to contradict jobs paying more for help. According to some other accounts A lot of Jobs are advertising A much higher wage than they actually pay once they hire you. I've worked for A Job in the past that would pull that Trick. The unsuspecting Employee wouldn't know his real hourly wage until he got his first paycheck. It was always A real hoot to see the reaction. I'm sure there are Jobs that have brought Pay up to match inflation, but the Companies themselves are also eating the cost of inflation.

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    here is the second reason
    1. seeking work from home jobs
    2. trading crypto and stocks

    #1 and #2 are not mutually exclusive

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    The Crypto thing has been knawing at me A lot this week. I just don't get it. I'm going to have to do A deep dive. How does it benefit anyone? The too dogs will eventually sell...Probably in am inflationary world. The small dogs will be left with the deflated scraps that they will sell for inflated fiat. Just don't get it at all. Unless folks really believe that noone will sell it and actually use it as currency?

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    Think about the needs of people these days, especially young and able bodied men.

    Why work when all their needs can be met in some small shelter (whether it be mom's basement, or socially funded single occupancy unit, or even a tent)?

    Think about it. Most everyone has a computer connected to the web, even if most of them may be hand held (smartphone). With this device, you can get everything you need, EBT card , food delivery, porn for sex, social media for friendships, various digits for savings/investments, and so many free things can be applied for online. No need (or point) in saving for a sky high priced house that no worker can afford anymore. You can get education through such devices, no need for expensive car or travel, no need for nice clothes (in pajama all day works), all right in front of you on a digital screen.

    Things have changed, and they will not return to "normal" anytime soon (if ever). Small communities and individuals will resist this change, however they will be outliers, not the norm. Instead, for real work, for real life, for family and reproduction, we will increasingly rely on immigration, eventually from the most backwards places in Africa as even Latin America becomes digitized.

    In short, these are signs of the doom to come, with a future devoid of anything you once took for granted, and a population and cultural traditions not of your making. You will be replaced by those not so captured by digital disease, to become just a curiosity of the past, like the dodo. Buckle up folks, and maybe you to can make lemonade of it?
    “Of all the contrivances for cheating the laboring class of mankind, none has been more effective than that which deludes them with paper money.”Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

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