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Thread: Why are employers having A hard time finding workers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowsnow View Post
    4.3 Million Workers Just Told Their Bosses To Shove It
    Thomas Jefferson is credited with writing, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” The seceding states in the Civil War period issued a similar declaration using the word “tyranny” as opposed to “injustice.”

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    I left a toxic/hostile/Karened out IT work environment, the last day of the year in 2019. I tried to raise red flags to what was coming at them, but they expected me to suck up to them, and go to them, well heh, no. I put the resignation in and didn't look back. I went into production labor and haven't looked back. My coworkers at last place were unhealthy in mind and body.

    I've got older friends who know enough to not work, the health care is free in my state if you make less than 10k a year. You cannot put a price on your health and well being. I may join them soon, I plan on it when I hit 55 as my retirement income streams will be enough.

    Restaurant leaderships in my city have been whining to the media for months, but their labor standards are very poor, and always have been. I know, I worked restaurant, 30 years ago in tech school. I bartended once back in the 90's just for fun, hilarious, the owners of the bar broke into and ransacked their own business, then tried to blame me for it.

    The restaurant job, I would work a grave yard shift all night, go home, climb into bed, and my manager would knock on my door asking me to come back into work.

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    Everything: I had similar Toxic experiences at my last Job in real estate management/Maintenance.
    I would get called into the office for "hit" meetings where the Manager and my direct boss would ask me loaded questions with the higher ups listening on speaker phone.
    One instance in particular stood out because it was A one million dollar Roof Job. They had protective wrapping placed on the roof so that the contractors wouldn't scratch up and dirty the new TPO roofing. Well, in the course of all the different contractors coming in this protection didn't stick and the roof got scuffed.
    So the line of questioning was this from my boss "You know the manager paid A lot of Extra money to have that roof protected. You know... the protection that you removed".
    Obviously, I protested the accusation. What motive would I have to go up on the roof and tear that stuff off? They needed A fall guy.
    Not going along with the lie got you something like this "So we have reports that you pulled A knife on someone".
    So I dealt with an endless stream of this for A year and A half. They made it very clear the first month in that noone leaves this place unscathed. To they always fired someone for something horrible and then when pressed the real reason the person was fired is because they weren't working hard enough. Meanwhile if someone were to call for A reference the story would be that the Employees of 17 years was engaging in petty theft.
    Learned A big lesson at this place. These jobs DO NOT deserve your loyalty. I tried to hang on to the job but it was literally destroying my health. I never even knew what A panic attack was until this place. They became A regular occurrence. Another thing I wasn't aware of Is that they gave me A company phone with preloaded remote viewing software that they had the passwords to. How I found out is A whole story in itself. They destroyed my privacy for "fun". Never have I run into A more corrupt and awful group of people in one place.
    They would literally brag about the place being A cutthroat and damaging environment. Pretty sure I walked out of there with some stress induced PTSD that took me A bit to get over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjmcwill View Post
    Pretty sure I walked out of there with some stress induced PTSD that took me A bit to get over.
    That pretty sums up my USPS career under an abusive supervisor. The union never did get a case against him and we peons just
    got by doing the cowtow.....At this point in this post, I have already wasted too many electrons on the issue. Still going to counseling
    Years later. CIAO
    Thomas Jefferson is credited with writing, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” The seceding states in the Civil War period issued a similar declaration using the word “tyranny” as opposed to “injustice.”

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    Definitely something off about the post office. The term "going "postal" didn't come from nowhere. Not sure about what they are doing wrong, or if they have fixed it, but I've heard horror stories.

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    It's what happens everywhere people have no accountability of consequences for their actions. The evil ones ALWAYS soon figure out they can go on a power trip, to satisy their egos and ambitions, which puts them at a competitive advantage over those whose business actions are constrained by morality.

    Thus, those govt and union job sectors eventually end up being dominated by those who are overtly evil.
    If I had my way, I would create ethic standards for those businesses that employees had to abide by, or face consequences. But we all know the union leadership deliberately eliminates comsequences for sub par actions by its employees.

    Unions are inherently evil, as those in leadership roles there are evil, so they protect their little evil power empires.

    I will not do business with union led businesses. They even proudly flaunt the fact that they make more money via union cartel tactics....ever seen a bumper sticker. "Live better, work union"? Ask yourself where does that extra money to " live better" come from, and how it is acheived by screwing the end customers out of more money than their job should be worth.

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    You make A good point. A good moral manger will be outcompeted by All the immoral managers who are "cooking the books". Eventually, that good manager will either stay and compromise his own Integrity becoming one with the corrupt and Toxic Culture, or he will simply move on to A more ethical business model. In the End the results remain the same. The job remains corrupt and Toxic. Moral and decent people who just want to work come and go, but only the unscrupulous remain.

    I spent most of my career ln decent Work environments. 17 years at the same Job. It wasn't until I decided to Change careers that I got A glimpse of what is going on in these other companies. Because of my past experiences with decent honest work environments I knew and know that what I am seeing is not okay and not "normal".
    It's is absolutely not "normal" for someone to be in A leadership position and want to you to fail at your job so that they look better. Disregarding your safety, the greater good of the clients and the business they are supposed to represent. It is normal in A human nature regard but not in A professional business model. Ultimately, I don't think that most people in leadership positions have any real leadership skills. They got there in many cases by "faking it to make it", blame shifting, manipulation and other art of war style tactics. The previous Job I mentioned was run by EX and Current Military Personnel so that may be why the leadership was pretty damned good.
    Fortunately, I am basically an independent operator and as long as I do my Job I never hear from anyone. When I do it is for A very short duration. I see someone from management once A week at most and it's A short 15 minutes. If I take A stand on something that I don't feel comfortable with it's largely respected.
    No job is worth compromising who you are at your core. Unless you are A win at all costs money driven psycho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjmcwill View Post
    Definitely something off about the post office. The term "going "postal" didn't come from nowhere. Not sure about what they are doing wrong, or if they have fixed it, but I've heard horror stories.
    civil servant career is in the top 10 psychopath choice of career.
    Being in management definitely fit the bill

    cops are also civil servant employees but they get a special category because they stand out so much

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    The salesman and lawyer were no surprise. Both require you to overtly lie and to play on the emotions of people.
    The Surgeon is just plain scary though. I suppose you would have to be A bit different to want to cut people open.

    I'll never Forget working in the ER and A Doctor came in because A patient passed away. The Nurse informed him that he had to declare his death (paperwork). The Doctor walked over to the patient and shouted Yup he's dead and laughed maniacally. Really shocked me as A young man. I would pick the heads of the staff to try and find out their state of mind and thought process. One thing I learned is that if you come in because you tried and failed to commit suicide then the staff doesn't try very hard to save your life. They figure you are not worth the effort.
    I don't know if any of that is psychopathic or just A result of the stressful nature of the job.

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    More Videos on the topic. The videos are good but the comments are also very enlightening.

    The comments are fairly unanimous as to why the worker Migration is happening. Bad Management, poor treatment, low Pay and lack of purpose.
    How can A company not offer paid sick days in the midst of A pandemic?
    So you get sick for A couple of weeks and then cannot pay your rent? Manager: "that is what your one week paid vacation is for."

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