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Thread: Sounds like a good time to invest in natural gas?

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    I own some BP, BPT,XOM,PBR SNP, PTR
    nice rising wedge in UNL if your into that.

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    Default Oh boy....that last one was good... Looking to get long soon....maybe another month...6.62 for a little. then....6.34 for more?
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    Default time for profits....UNG

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    You called that one right. I always feel like NG is a good one to jump in every time it gets near 2 bucks again. One of my first silver buys was from a shop owner / collector who said my family buys NG in summer and sells in dearth of winter, we always win, always.

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    Looks like first week in AUgust is good for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruthenium View Post
    Looks like first week in AUgust is good for you.

    Do you have an updated chart for UNG?

    It seems it is time for commodities.

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