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Thread: Ever increasing Inflation: Companies paying more But stolen through inflation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjmcwill View Post
    Yea, I find the number of celebrity billionaires to be a very curious thing during the FED money printing decade. Meanwhile, I was at circle K yesterday and folks were complaining about the prices of items being higher than advertised. Even fountain drinks. The cashier was explaining to everyone during purchase that they hadnt had time to update all of the new prices. The wealth gap widens. When will people start to get pissed?

    Rihanna. badgalriri. ...
    Jay-Z. He may be retired from rap, but Jay-Z is still an extremely busy man. ...
    Oprah Winfrey. ...
    Kim Kardashian. ...
    Kanye West. ...
    Michael Jordan. ...
    George Lucas. ...
    Tyler Perry.
    Ahhh! But is not their success what our nation is all about? Don't we wish this for ourselves? Didn't each figure out how to "make it"? And the people who made them buy the drinks they consume while they watch.
    Who are the righteous? ....Markpti

    What value did Burisma think to gain by hiring Hunter Biden as a Board member vs ALL other choices?

    Those who cannot articulate the other argument do not fully understand their own argument.

    "Much can be done by wise legislation and by resolute enforcement of the law. But still much more must be done
    by steady training of the individual - in conscience and character...." .......T. Roosevelt

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    Mark, not so much a critique against capitalism and the ability to become rich. You yourself have pointed out the ever widening gap between the Super rich and the rest of us. I find it odd that so few have so much while the rest struggle to get the necessities. You don't find it odd that do nothing reality stars are becoming billionaires? If the majority of the population struggle to find a reasonably priced nice home while the few at the top hold most of the wealth then something became broken along the way.
    It goes back to the FED creating conditions that favor only those who already have wealth. No, I don't think that most people "wish" to become billionaires. Most people just want "enough". They want a decent way of making enough money to buy a reasonably nice home and raise a family. They want the doors to be open for furthering there ability to make more money, but most people do not aspire to be billionaires. You couldn't even reasonably spend that kind of money.
    I mean, we can ignore that it's a problem, but eventually folks are going to wise up. I also wouldn't reduce our nation's "purpose" down to the ability to become Ultra Wealthy. The Pilgrims didn't come to America to become rich they wanted Liberty to practice their way of life as they saw fit. The idea that Materialism is the "American dream" came to us through clever marketing.
    Ever hear of the tiny home movement? People are purposely looking to downsize and live with what they need and get out of the consumerism trappings.
    I really do not think the American dream is about accumulating more stuff than your peers. Success could be defined as "the pursuit of happiness". Whatever makes you happy and does not harm others. When the deck is stacked against the majority of the population then the pursuit of happiness takes a back seat to struggling to keep the wolves away.
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    "I am fairly sure you cannot fix the problem by getting "pissed". Not easy, but better to fix it from INSIDE the existing framework.
    So, want to change it? RUN for office and get people behind your platform and do it from that angle. The other method is likely
    to not end well IMO."

    "Pissed" may not have been the best word but most would understand that word to mean "fed up".
    I was reading an article last week where economists were marveling at how Americans keep spending in spite of the high inflation. Just accepting the price increase. I think that may have changed with some of the new data that consumer spending is slightly down.
    At some point Anger is appropriate. Righteous anger is why this country exists. Getting pissed/appropriately angry is the spark that ignites change. Blacks under the Jim Crowe south had to get pissed off in order to affect change. There was no changing that situation from inside the sytem unless people were pissed off enough to force the issue. The problem is that anger is often misappropriated into movements like the march on Wall Street and BLM.
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    Verizon to begin paying Customer service reps a minimum wage of $20 an hour to answer phone calls from home. What's funny or sad about this is that I work a job that requires Multiple licenses and they pay nowhere near that to start.
    I wonder what kind of pressure this sort of move is going to put on smaller companies?
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