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In IMHO we have 6 months to a year before shtf and I have never been one for predicting the future...nothing going on is sustainable and inflation along with diluting our already fiat currency will be the end...I've been stacking for years and been investing in crypto for awhile but I think we're all screwed...putting my business and shop/ office up for sale and going to do some fishing... not chicken little but I lived through the Carter days and I think the sky is falling with 3.5 years left with Biden ...we're all going to miss Trump with his Twitter finger

Not missing trump one bit...in fact, the entire country is more at 'ease' mentally w/o the daily tweets, the bashing, the hatred etc..... now, even with him, or any president...we are in for a ride just because the way the world has played itself out economically. China is in control now, no less a fact than when America displaced Great Britain. So blame China if anyone. Biden is only doing what trump started with free give-aways, and this will continue long after Biden, regardless of who is in office.

I am approaching retirement and am scared of what money I have will only be lessened by high inflation etc that we are going into on a global basis. I am reminded of reading an article in some magazine of the 1950's where it touts some insurance annuity and how you will be safe for your golden years as this annuity will give you $200 a month. You have it made!!! So, given the money that any of us have 'now'....what will that look like in 5 years or 10 or 30? ....