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Thread: TYPE2 AGEs

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    Default TYPE2 AGEs

    I'm behind the curve on this, but I just now saw the new reverse for the AGEs, and I must say, I'm not a fan. Not impressed.
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    they are ok. the mint just released the Proof versions today. the 4 coin set, (1 ozt, 1/2 ozt, 1/4 ozt and 1/10 ozt.) sold out first at $5055. the same crap with their so called "revamped and enhanced" url. BULLS HIT! I had the 4 coins set in my bag and all ready to confirm the sale... all was going great and then BAM. sold out yet again.
    I was able to get a one ounce AGE, and a 1/10th ounce AGE. My son was able to grab another 1 ozt, 1/2 ozt and 1/10 ozt for me too shipping to another house.

    So, altogether I got 2 x full Type 2 Proof AGE's, 1 x Type 2 Proof half AGE and 2 x Type 2 Proof 1/10th AGE's. Lets see what kind of premiums these bring.
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    my last post was shelved quickly. I thought I would re-vitalize this thread again to maybe get a little feedback on this yesterdays usmint release of the Proof Gold AGE's. Anyone? Pros or cons?

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    They sure need to revamp their website for taking orders.

    Glad that you at least gobbled up a few Max.

    Have you any info on the mintage numbers for the different sizes? As you know I'm a fan of the 1/2 oz'ers. your own Health Care System... grow your own and eat well

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxwellsilverhammer View Post
    my last post was shelved quickly. I thought I would re-vitalize this thread again to maybe get a little feedback on this yesterdays usmint release of the Proof Gold AGE's. Anyone? Pros or cons?
    Hey Max,

    I have to agree with digbird here; the U.S. Mint has lost tons of customers due to their seeming inability to process orders in a fair and orderly fashion. I mean, we can put men on the moon and split atoms, but they can't find some computer geek (and I mean that in the nicest way) who can fix their online issues? Like beating the "bots", and such? Or making it so that the true collectors instead of the greedy dealers can actually get ahold of some of these low mintage issues? I have pretty much stopped buying from the Mint because of things like these and in the rare occasion that I do want something from their latest issues, I just buy it at a shop or a show.

    As for design, I believe that the AGE type 2 design is much better than the ASE type 2 design (with the clipped wings), but is still lacking overall. The eagle looks like it was poked in the eye with a sharp stick and is desperate need of an eye doctor. I will say this, though. Proof AGE's are generally very attractive coins and someone will want them. I myself don't generally go for them mostly because of mintage figures. Believe it or not, the bullion versions have actually gained numismatic status for several different dates- mostly due to low mintages for those particular years. Also mostly relegated to the 1/4 ounce and half ounce fractionals. I think you've done well to get what you did since it's nearly impossible to buy from the Mint when they have something low mintage and many collectors want them (like their latest Morgan and Peace dollar fiasco). In that case, while everyone was clamoring for what I consider restrikes, I went out and bought another genuine, Brilliant Uncirculated Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar, dated 1882 in the original GSA holder with box and papers, and it's probably an MS-63 or 64 (at best). Of course, grading standards being what they are today, it could be an MS-70! Lol

    The following is from Coin World regarding mintages:

    The 2021-W American Eagle Tenth-Ounce Gold Two-Coin Deluxe Edition set to go on sale July 29 from the U.S. Mint will be restricted to a release of just 5,000 sets.

    The set will include the year’s two versions of the American Eagle tenth-ounce gold $5 coin: one example featuring the Reverse of 1986 and one with the Reverse of 2021 design.

    The single Proof 2021-W American Eagle, Reverse of 2021 gold $50 coin (mintage 5,625, order limit one) and the gold four-coin Proof set (product limit 10,250, limit one) will go on sale July 8. Other single Proof gold coins are the half-ounce coin (mintage 2,000, limit one); quarter-ounce coin (3,375, limit one); and tenth-ounce coin (10,000, limit one).

    The Uncirculated 2021-W American Eagle, Reverse of 2021 $50 coin goes on sale Oct. 7 with a maximum mintage of 9,100 coins and orders limited to one coin per household.

    Overall, I think the U.S. Mint HAS to be able to find some sculptors and/or designers who can come up with better revamped designs. I mean I still like the Augustus St. Gaudens obverse, but if they were to change that, they had better come up with something classic looking, but in an updated way. On top of all that I've mentioned, their "new security anti-counterfeiting measures" are extremely lame. I mean, leaving off one of the reeds on the edge? That just falls way short of what anyone expected of them regarding that. I had heard that they were doing a lot of talking with the RCM (since they seem to know what they're doing) and thought that the Mint would follow suit, but nope. A couple very minor design changes to Liberty and a new eagle. Meh. I think that many stackers have been picking up the Royal Mint's gold Britannia's instead. They also have a beautiful design AND have real anti-counterfeiting prevention on their coins. I'm considering picking up some myself, TBH.

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    Bronkster: we as a forum are richer in wisdom from your input and research as well as gut feelings for the shape of the market place. I for one would like to thank you. your own Health Care System... grow your own and eat well

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    Quote Originally Posted by digbird View Post
    Bronkster: we as a forum are richer in wisdom from your input and research as well as gut feelings for the shape of the market place. I for one would like to thank you.
    Digbird: Anything I can do to help, I will. It's my pleasure.

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    Bronkster, I agree with digbird. Thank you all for your input and information. This year seems to be a low mintage year from what I can observe. Of what I got I am glad mostly about the half ounce coin. I'll send one of the full ounce and both tenth ounces to ngc for grading. fingers crossed for proof 70 results.

    Mintage of Proof Gold Eagles pulled from another online dealers site:
    Year $50 $25 $10 $5
    1986 446,290 N/A N/A N/A
    1987 147,498 143,398 N/A N/A
    1988 87,133 76,528 98,028 143,881
    1989 54,570 44,798 54,170 84,647
    1990 62,401 51,636 62,674 99,349
    1991 50,411 53,125 50,839 70,334
    1992 44,826 40,976 46,269 64,874
    1993 34,369 31,130 33,775 45,960
    1994 46,674 44,584 48,172 62,849
    1995 46,368 45,388 47,526 62,667
    1996 36,153 35,058 38,219 57,047
    1997 28,034 26,344 29,805 34,977
    1998 25,886 25,374 29,503 39,395
    1999 31,427 30,427 34,417 48,428
    2000 33,007 32,028 36,036 49,971
    2001 24,555 23,240 25,613 37,530
    2002 27,499 26,646 29,242 40,864
    2003 28,344 28,270 30,292 40,027
    2004 28,215 27,330 28,839 35,131
    2005 35,246 34,311 37,207 49,265
    2006 47,000 34,322 36,127 47,277
    2006 Reverse Proof 9,996 N/A N/A N/A
    2007 51,810 44,025 46,189 58,553
    2008 30,237 22,602 18,877 28,116
    2009 N/A N/A N/A N/A
    2010 59,480 44,527 44,507 54,285
    2011 48,306 26,781 28,782 42,677
    2012 23,630 12,809 13,775 20,740
    2013 24,677 12,696 12,755 21,708
    2014 28,703 14,693 14,790 22,725
    2015 40,004 15,287 15,775 16,851
    2016 24,352 23,585 24,405 38,788
    2017 9,245 12,717 14,516 11,158
    2018 15,565 9,204 12,770 21,156
    2019 13,429 9,454 10,613 17,809
    2020* 14,981 11,630 13,429 21,663
    2020-W V75 Privy 1,939 N/A N/A N/A
    2021* Family of Eagles 12,700 9,800 10,900 16,200
    The figures on these mintage charts are based on the United States Mint’s production sales figures.

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    Max: I'd send one of the 1/2 oz'ers as well. Worth the gamble. your own Health Care System... grow your own and eat well

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    Max, I'm quite partial to the 1/2 oz size also. Those and the 1/4 oz'ers seems to have the best price appreciation- much better than the full ounce and 1/10 oz counterparts.

    As always, it's my pleasure if and when I'm able to offer either information and/or opinion that can help another stacker (or collector) in their endeavors.

    Btw, the latest figures I have for the Type 1 bullion version AGE's (as of 6/23/21) are as follows (and keep in mind that they've been pinned at these numbers for a little while now, yet haven't released the Type 2 numbers:

    1 oz- 430,500 (seems to be pretty standard numbers and might become collectible due to being the last of it's "type" for that weight- probably not though

    1/2 oz- 31,000 (seems to be a small mintage and is already commanding a premium)

    1/4 oz- 56,000 (also seems to be a low(er) mintage date and will probably increase within a few years possibly, if not sooner)

    1/10 oz- 150,000 (also relatively high numbers as you well know)

    1 oz Type 1 ASE- 13,106,500 ( basically 9-10 million more than the lowest mintage- the 1996 which does command a premium for sure, so no big deal here)

    1 oz Gold Buffalo 173,000

    Platinum Amer. Eagle 1 oz 75,000

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