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Heresy Financial always has a good take on things in easy explained takes.

Here he talks about " It`s one big (bailout) club and you`re not in it"

Near end he states what I believe. The action that the CB`s take are to suppress workers not bankers.

I continually hear that credit is being tightened etc, but all I ever see is record after record for household debt, corporate debt and government debt.

I also note that my National Credit Gauge continues to read looser than normal credit conditions.

I would think the Fed is getting pretty worried about credit in aggregate not contracting with this type of rate increase in past 12 months.

Cracks are starting to form on the banking infrastructure they have built in past 35 years and they know it needs to work soon or it could get real bad.


Thanks for posting this. It's a stark reminder that psychopaths are basically in charge of the global financial system.