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    I had around 40 miners and exploration company's myself when I sold them off. I have kept a watch list of about 32 of them that did real well so at the end of the next stock market correction getting back into them is just a few mouse clicks away. The market is goofy right now and super hard to predict, good news and numbers come out on a company and the stock sells off in general (weird). I have been scratching my head the last few months, as up is down, and down is up. I think there are a lot of uneducated traders just following trends so they buy and sell on a whim even when holding some of those stocks long term would have paid off well. Q3/Q4 may be rough one this year like you said so having a bunch of dry powder is not a bad thing. The whole green thing stock pile in, was way to early and was based off of legislation that hasn't even gone through yet. It seems like being in to early right now just ties up capital and with stock selloffs can be mated with capital losses. At this point I sold off my longer term holds (for decent profits) and just do some day trading for short term gains without over extending in case the carpet gets pulled out again. The super fast recovery from February of 2020 has brought us right back to where we were before it, and possibly worse since the fed injected 10 Trillion or so into the market when it collapsed. For now, the old saying " A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush" is serving me well...
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