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Thread: June 29th?

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    Default June 29th?

    I have read after June 29th there will be no more borrowing/lending/selling gold or silver that is not physically held? Is this the mark of a new day or just extending the game? I could not find anything on a google search about this date to confirm if it is comex or lbma related.

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    Thomas Jefferson is credited with writing, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” The seceding states in the Civil War period issued a similar declaration using the word “tyranny” as opposed to “injustice.”

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    This isn't the original drop dead date and for now seems to be going to happen. But TPTB might be able to push it off once again at the last minute with claims of too big to fail or the need for credit in a Covid world/recession/climate change/fill in the blank reason for pushing it off into the far future BS reason.
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