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Thread: The "other BLM " in the Governments Pocket

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    Default The "other BLM " in the Governments Pocket

    Bureau of Land Management

    "The BLM manages the Federal government’s onshore subsurface mineral estate – about 700 million acres (30% of the United States) held by the BLM, U.S. Forest Service and other Federal agencies and surface owners -- for the benefit of the American public. It also manages some aspects of the oil and gas development for Indian tribes from the Tribal mineral estate."

    Now it comes to my attention that they do actually own mineral estate meaning Oil, and Oil wells and the royalties from those minerals in production.
    So they "lease out" the ability to produce that oil. That gives the leasee an income stream from production which is taxed by the IRS.
    I wonder does the Federal Government Pay INCOME TAXES from that revenue stream to the IRS?? In the same fashion that other private sector owners must pay?

    I have never seen or heard this data stream. Who over sees the overseer? The GAO.

    The US Gummit makes a huge amount of money off of their oil wells. Biden just put the thumbscrews tightly on this
    Thomas Jefferson is credited with writing, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” The seceding states in the Civil War period issued a similar declaration using the word “tyranny” as opposed to “injustice.”

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    I've dealt directly with the BLM before. The bureaucracy level was high. They were not impossible to deal with. Many of the lands they manage actually do get used by the public. I am sure that plenty goes on that I did not see.

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