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Thread: Lets Review shall we?

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    Default Lets Review shall we?

    5 years have elapsed since I posted this thread. I am going to resurrect it for posterity.


    My fondness for the mint's Security Line Rectangular bar product has not changed.
    Some really good responses and information was shared thanks all!
    I understand they have stopped producing that style and you can see now the bars are square shaped
    for some reason the square bars do not hold the same appeal for me. I am tempted to pay the premium to
    own one of these bars. Then reality sets in and sheesh talk about a high premium even from a secondary market.
    $13 bux or so per ounce on a 10 oz bar if you can find one.

    Ones are for sale on ebay are probably for sale because>>> uh??? The seller needs the cabbage, or does not like the bar, or
    his sell price in spot was attained. As usual I am here late to the party.

    Do these "Old style" bars increase in value due to no more being produced?

    Thought also that some new members on here might like to see the valuable discussion contained in the thread.
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