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Thread: Basel III

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    Quote Originally Posted by golditiki2 View Post
    the baselbankers see that a mycelium of fiatrot might destroy the value of all paper and therefore incites everybody to carry gold, because that will be the reference for future fiatvalue once the actual crazy fiatdevelopment busts into the wall of infinite papersupply. Infinite papersupply means that the paper will have no value anymore.

    That's why the system must be able to redfine tha papervalue if necessary and that means to own an unencumbered amount of gold.

    Oldest and biggest Fiat Notes productions De La Rue bankrupt by the infinity. They cannot cope with the demand of notes without giving the smallest notes a 10 billion dollars. Now semiconductors are purely run by fiat cartels to protect its digital notes with digital ID and enforced all trades complete with online shops. All internet cannot survive like De La Rue and will bankrupt the same way by the infinity blackhole of greed.

    Every beings collective want to have more money drive to the common death end. It is not scapegoat Bill Gate or Rothschild could change the course of the dead end of digital fiat. Those fiat cartels want and exit plan stories like Hitler death for Nazi will not be successful. The systemic collapse will be a certainty due to the greed of infinity.
    He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors. ~ Thomas Jefferson

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    Quote Originally Posted by LongDonSilver View Post
    In 2023 there will be a new reason to push off the date.
    I expect that as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverPalm View Post
    It would appear that Basel III standards have been pushed off until 2023.

    "Following a one-year deferral to increase the operational capacity of banks and supervisors to respond to COVID-19, these reforms will take effect from 1 January 2023 and will be phased in over five years."...

    According to these guys, Basel III is about to implode the LBMA. -

    I'm guessing that they didn't get the above-referenced memo from FSB, stating that those standards have already been pushed off for a couple of years and are not taking effect any time soon.

    So much for disaster headlines. The gold trade goes on.
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    Another story about the end of June being D-day for gold in banking -

    Will it turn out to be true? Or will it be just another cry from a shill that puts temporary upward pressure on our favorite shiny yellow asset, before the lie unravels & the markets settle out again? Considering the track record of the source, I have my opinions.

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    Another report saying that Basel III is about to shake up the gold market. According to these guys, D-day is Monday -

    To buy more or not to buy more? That is the question.

    The BIS webpage on the event -
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    Default Progress: physical gold is now as good as paper.

    Interesting link, thanks.

    "gold, like bars and coins, will be reclassified from a tier 3 asset, the riskiest asset class, to a tier 1 zero-risk weight —putting it “right alongside with cash and currencies as an asset class

    From the times 'this paper is as good as gold' we have come to 'this gold is as good as some paper'.

    Basel III is very strict for the bankers /i

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    Zero risk in monetary terms. However a small army is needed to protect your risk free tonnage of phyz. The trap is set.

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    Yes, so much better to have only electrons to protect. No need to have a vault for something so small that you can carry them in a tiny capacitor in your pocket. Just don't short the electrodes together. ZAP. But how do you maintain encode the binary code on them? Oh, you use a program called a wallet and put it on your computer. What could go wrong with that? I will fear no evil as I surf through the web of computer scam, for AVG, Avast, Norton, McAfee plus MS Defensed are with me, they comfort me. You prepare a crypto before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with Bitcoin; my Dogecoin overflows.…
    Do your own due diligence

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    Quote Originally Posted by oak333 View Post
    Basel III regulations Net Stable Funding Ratio:
    it requires London bullion banks to hold funds offsetting 85 %
    of the value of of the unallocated gold.

    The LBMA submitted a 58 page protest, saying that the
    banks cannot afford that.

    You can read this here:
    The banks are playing havoc with all commodities. They need to be shutdown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by and4rik View Post
    a small army is needed
    Since the beginning of time humans need 'small armies' to protect their valuable assets, so what's new?

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