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Thread: China stocking up platinum for strict diesel emission control

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    Default China stocking up platinum for strict diesel emission control

    China started a new program on diesel exhaust cleanup. Mandate very strict emission restriction on their diesel trucks.

    This is as environmental as it is political. Environmental issue is the most critical issue with the left in the West. With Biden in power, China is using that as leverage to get what it wants, similar to what Hitler signaled to the West when he took over Poland and Czek. CCP wants global domination, Even though Soviet failed, China Communist is proud to carry on the vision under Xitler. US Democrats have a habit of making Communists happy, by giving up Eastern Europe and East Asia even when they were holding all the aces after the WWII. Or the communists are great manipulating the US Democrats, and schools, media. US had many Communists sympathizers 70 years ago, and it is still true today. Communist ideals does sound like a utopia and it is attractive to many people.

    Anyway, back to platinum, China is stocking up big on platinum for strategic reason. Politics is number one in China under Xitler similar to Mao. They will spare nothing to achieve the goal once Xitler approves. I don't have the data to back that up. I only have reliable source in Shanghai Gold exchange talking about this. If you have data, please share.

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    the push to ban gasoline (in favor of EV) car hurt mostly Pd. Diesel used mostly on long haul trucking, industrial machines aren't likely get banned and only Pt rich catalytic converter can deal with diesel. Rh still required in both gasoline and diesel emission control

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    China is monopolizing on the cobalt and lithium. And it is using rare earth to sanction the West. It is playing the same game with platinum. The West does not have a government agency to do such monopolizing effort that takes strategic planning on all fronts. That is the advantage of a highly centralized government and it is playing the game rather well.

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