DOE Crude Forecast is -0928
DOE Gasoline is -2300
API Actual Crude is +7400
API Actual Gasoline is -9900

I'll use a forecast of -/+3000 for Crude oil
Will therefor use a forecast of = -5000 for Gasoline

Remember that Oil is a commodity. More oil is bad for the market price and vice versa. A positive deviation means a SELL on OIL and a negative deviation means a BUY on oil! So we must reverse the triggers!!

Recent History
Check out the move that API private report created last night here!
See charts here....

Last week's DOE report gave us a very small T1... small move!
See charts here...

Trade plan
Trade on any oil symbol USOil, Crude, WTI, Brent etc
We need both lines of data to arrive within a set time to trade. If it doesn't arrive within those times I won't fire a trade.

For platforms without slippage, I will set the timeout to 100ms
For platforms with slippage, I will set a timeout of 500ms

T1 = 5900 dev, with max conflict of 2500 on Gasoline
T2 = 6900 dev, with max conflict of 3500 on Gasoline
T3 = 8000 dev, with max conflict of 5000 on Gasoline

Additionally, we can set up another T1 trigger of +-5000 on Gasoline if Oil deviates by at least +-1750