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Thread: Short Squeezing / SLV squeze please READ !!! Very important

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    Yeah it is funny when people say they can't get silver, when they mean they can't get the silver they really really like.

    "Oh no, Kitco is out of silver! I can't get any of my favorite 1.5oz 1,000-mintage silver Gelatinous Cube rounds!"

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    Long read But the OP did a lot of work and due diligence.
    Expose' on the market workings and a great read about how the
    silver market is manipulated in detail.

    NEVERMIND...reddit mods took down the post
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    another call for silver squeeze,

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    A few days ago I saw a dip in spot price. I then looked at the price of SLV & found that the expected correlation had not held true. Friday, there was another dip, but this time the correlation of SLV seemed more legitimate.

    I am not sure how to interpret this divergence.

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