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Thread: Awaiting Q3 profitfanfare.

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    Default Awaiting Q3 profitfanfare.

    Just curious when the Q3 2020 profit jazzband will start. Until now the preliminary goldhammering is indicating that "they" are still occupied griming the results before opening the gates.

    Last week they were pushing stocks to heaven, another indication the results might be less fleshy, just cannot see how they could be meaty, If they are meaty i believe they are false, except for toilet paper and soap sales.

    Here they hav sold a record of spirits on the one hand but overall consumption went down for restaurant closure. So one cries win but in the end it was an overhead loss ( Selling less aclohol isn't a loss, it was just the example of the day in the news ) .


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    15th of october and the financial whelks did not yet come out of their shell.

    Mongering results and presenting them in a credible way demands greater knowledge and skills than making profits.... upfront of the election everybody is very cautious not to produce a megagaffe, even the looters calmed down.


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