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Thread: Free Intraday trades and Scalps

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    USD/CHF Technical Analysis
    ~~ The counter has found support at the lows.
    ~~ It is forming a base in the form of an inverted head and shoulder pattern.
    ~~ We expect the pair to soar when it crosses above the neckline. Hence, buy only above 0.89200.

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    EUR/USD Wave Analysis

    ~~ The counter is currently in a 3-wave bear cycle.
    ~~ Now, it has completed its wave B and is poised to commence its wave C.
    ~~ The engulfing bearish candle has marked the beginning of wave C and hence we expect the pair to be bearish in the near-term.

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    EUR/JPY Technical Analysis
    ~~ The counter has broken out of the critical resistance of 126.8-127.
    ~~ Further, it has broken out after strong consolidation in the form of flag patterns in price action and RSI indicator.
    ~~ Hence, we expect the breakout to sustain and catapult the prices higher.

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    GBP/USD Technical Analysis

    ~~ GBP/USD is forming an ascending triangle pattern in the short-term charts.
    ~~ Further, the continuation pattern has been formed after a breakout in the long-term charts.
    ~~ Hence, we expect the pair to be bullish in the short-term.

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